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Saving Money on Kids Clothes – What Moms Need To Know ( Momimhar posted on October 16th, 2013 )

Saving money on kids clothes can be easy to do if you really know what you are doing. Every mom needs to know what she can do to save money on her kid’s clothes. Whether you need baby clothes, girls clothes or boys clothes there are certain things that you can do to save money on them.

Shop For Kids Clothes In Advance

Don’t wait until your kids need new clothes for the winter or summer to buy them. In the spring start purchasing clothes for next winter. Since stores are transitioning from winter clothes to clothes for warmer weather they will be lowering prices in order to get the winter clothes off the shelf so they have room for their new stock. The key to buying clothes ahead for kids is to buy one size bigger than whatever size they are currently wearing. At the end of summer and the beginning of fall is the time to purchase new bathing suits, summer dresses, shorts and tank tops for your kids for next season.

Acquire Hand Me Downs

If you know anyone who has children slightly older than yours, accept hand me downs from those parents. Just make sure that they do not want the hand me downs back after your kids have outgrown them or you will have to return them in the same condition they were given to you in. Otherwise, acquiring hand me down clothing is a great way to save money.

Frequent Consignment Shops

Consignment shops often carry kid’s clothing at a much cheaper price than department stores. And since consignment shops buy used clothes from their customers once your kids are done with the clothes you can try to sell them back to the shop. Consignment shops only accept clothing in good condition, so if you want to sell yours back try to keep them looking and smelling fresh and new.


Frequent Yard Sales

Shopping at yard sales can also help you purchase kid’s clothing for less. Even if you only shop yard sales for special occasion clothes you can still find some good deals. Many parents sell their little girls dresses when they outgrow them. This beats paying department store prices for clothing your kids will only wear occasionally.

Shopping Online

Shopping online provides you with an opportunity to find online coupon codes that you can use to save money on children’s clothing. Most of the time these online codes work on regularly priced merchandise as well as sale and clearance merchandise. Some of them even get you free shipping on large enough purchases. Subscribing to a site such as Groupons allows you to purchase coupons for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

These are just a few of the things you can do in order to save money on your baby clothes, girls clothes and more. Saving money is important when you have kids to raise and shopping smart helps accomplish that task.

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Kids Play Today At Home ( Momimhar posted on October 16th, 2013 )

Kids are happy to see each other today.  Kaye and her cousin Audrey are playing in our home right now wearing kids costumes.  They have been looking for each other for days.  It has been raining for few days now so my cousin and I haven’t got together for a play date.  Now they are having fun chasing each other and playing dress up.


My little bumble bee fairy. 🙂

The kids already ate some lunch so my cousin and I are finishing up the food.  While eating, we’re catching up on stuff.  I was telling her about our visit to Gymboree Play and Music last week.  My darling daughter had a great time playing for 45 minutes.  The play time was free because on their website, Gymboree Play and Music has a coupon (valid until October 31, 2013) offering a free play time for non-members.  It’s called Play and Music because Gymboree offers classes for young kids that involved pretend play, art, and music.  The level of classes is according to age range of the child.  They put my DD on the level 6 class for toddlers because she’s 2.

The schedules for Play and Music are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The nearest location in our area is at The Villages in Allen.  I picked Thursday of last week.  As soon as I told my DD that she will join in the play area, she took off her shoes immediately and ran inside the room.  That day, they were pretending to be zoo keepers.  They pretend they were feeding a lion, an elephant, a monkey, and a crocodile.   They climbed, crawled, and slid.  There’s a coordinator in the play room who guides the children thru series of activities.  They sang and danced, too.  Every activity is accompanied by music and singing.  Lots of fun playing and learning at the same time.


Going through the tunnels.


Pretending that they’re feeding the crocodile.


Going to feed the monkeys!

I told my cousin that I didn’t enroll DD to the classes because Allen is far from my house.  I just tried going there that time to see how it works and of course, it was free.  If there’s a Gymboree Play and Music location closer to our area, I will definitely consider enrolling DD.  With my child’s activities so far, I am satisfied with her social exposures.  She’s very active and she is learning a lot.  My cousin also has a coupon.  She is thinking of taking her two girls to the Play and Music on Tuesday.

I am very happy that my cousin and I live close to each other because we can get together more often and the kids can be together for play time.

Why Do Kids Like Halloween? ( Momimhar posted on October 16th, 2013 )

Why kids like Halloween?  Because they can dress up whatever they like and they get to go to the neighbors and and say “Trick or Treat?” then they receive treats and goodies.  I don’t know but most children enjoy this occasion.

When we were kids, my siblings and I never experienced the Halloween.  We celebrate All Souls’ Day in the Philippines where we honor the loved ones who died.  It’s a Catholic belief.  We visit their tombs and offer prayers.  And as a tradition, the families of the deceased prepare special foods (usually the favorite foods of the deceased) and place those food on the altar with candles.  Then the family offers prayers for the salvation of the souls.  I remember those times when me, my siblings, and cousins join in the gathering but the only thing we had in mind was the yummy food to eat after the prayer session.  Oh, kids.

Here in the US it’s Halloween.  And it’s exciting for the children because they can go shopping for Halloween costumes and join the “Trick or Treat”.  My darling daughter is getting excited about trick or treating.  Now that she’s almost 3 years old, she already has an understanding about wearing costumes and going to the neighbors for Trick or Treat.  She even told me what costume she would like to wear for the occasion.  She can’t wait.  🙂

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