A Very Busy Day For This Wonder Mom ( Momimhar posted on February 10th, 2022 )

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I had a hectic schedule today. I had three commitments/appointments today–doctor’s appointment, Tribe Store volunteering at darling daughter’s school, and yearly wellness checkup for K.

Doctor’s Appointment

Since I already finished the 10-day dose of the prescribed medication, I took the earliest appointment I can get with my doctor. As you know, I had the severe case of contact dermatitis occurred more than two weeks ago to the point a small part of my left neck got infected. It looked hideous. I had to cover my neck with scarves or wear a turtleneck top and high-collared jackets every time I go out or go to work. It was uncomfortably itchy, especially at night. Anyway, I finally decided to get my doctor’s advice and that’s when she prescribed antibiotics. Today was a follow-up checkup after the medication period. Everything looked okay and healed. Special creams for scars and itchiness had been prescribed again to help with the healing process.

Tribe Store Volunteering

School supplies and other toys

I didn’t take any substitute teaching assignment today for the reason that I already volunteered to help at the Tribe Store at darling daughter’s school. If I remember it right, this is the second year the school hold the Tribe Store. It was a huge success last school year. The first items sold out were the drinks and snacks. ‘Learned a lesson. This year, they stocked the drinks and snacks really well. 🙂 There are educational and entertaining toys, school supplies, recreational items, and accessories available for purchase.

Drinks and snacks

You must be wondering how this Tribe Store work? The students earn tribe tickets for showing good behavior in or outside the classroom. They also earn these tickets by showing the Traits of a Brave throughout the school and working hard on their assignments with focus and diligence. They will be given a tally sheet to record the tickets they received and at a certain time when the Tribe Store date is near, the students are given the opportunity to compute for the total amount of the tickets gathered. Then they will be sent to the Tribe Store according to the designated time by class to shop for the items that interest them. It’s really fun watching the students budget their points and shopping wisely. 🙂 One student happen to complain that some items seemed to be overpriced. Haha!

Wellness Checkup

Gladly, I was able to sign out my darling daughter for the day after the Tribe Store duty around noon. We headed home and ate lunch first before driving to town to see her pediatrician for her yearly wellness checkup. I was told by the doctor from the last wellness checkup that K will be getting two vaccines today. She sure did. She was a little scared at first, but calmed down after I held her hand. It didn’t even take a minute, and the shots were administered quickly. Now her upper left arm is starting to feel sore, she said. The next shots, boosters, will be given when she’s 16 years old.

Darling daughter is growing healthy and developing very well. Thank goodness, she hasn’t fallen ill these last couple of years. Her last nosebleed was two months ago when I forgot to run the humidifier one evening. That was it. I am doing my best to diligently run the humidifier every night, especially during cold season. We’re doing a great job so far. I think she’s outgrowing the nosebleed thing soon.

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