Egg Hunting At The Park ( Momimhar posted on April 16th, 2014 )

It was a pleasant day for Egg Hunting.  My cousin’s Moms Group (where she’s a member) hosted an Egg Hunt last Wednesday at the Founder’s park in Wylie (Texas).  She invited me and DD to come and join.  My darling daughter was so excited while we were filling the plastic eggs with treats.  We brought some eggs to share and scattered on the ground and hid them in small trees.

Egg hunting begins.

Egg hunting begins.

DD filling her basket with colorful eggs.

DD filling her basket with colorful eggs.

Cousin A finding some eggs.

Cousin A finding some eggs.

But the girls were more interested in playing at the playground.   "Higher, mommy!" "Weee!"

But the girls were more interested in playing at the playground.
“Higher, mommy!”

Our girls got to go find the eggs first as the president of the Moms Group announced ages 1-3 go first.  As they pick up eggs, they shake them first.  Smart!  After checking out  what they got, which didn’t took very long, they headed to the playground quickly.  The girls had fun.

My cousin introduced me to a few of her acquaintances in the group.  They’re friendly.  We didn’t get to talk much because we were all busy tending and watching for our kids.  My cousin and I have circle of friends but I am not in a moms group.  Maybe one of these days  I will be able to think more about joining a moms group.

How about you?  Have you joined any group in your area?

Spring Time Is Great Time To Go To The Zoo ( Momimhar posted on April 12th, 2014 )

Greeting cards, tulips, and an orchid for our 6th wedding anniversary.

Greeting cards, tulips, and an orchid for our 6th wedding anniversary.

It’s my 6th wedding anniversary to my beloved dear husband.  We are going on a trip taking our little one to the zoo tomorrow.  I hope the weather would be very nice and sunny.  Spring time is the great time to go to the zoo.  Our darling daughter is already excited.  The last time we were there wasn’t enjoyable because she was constipated.  We felt bad about that.  Anyway, hopefully this would be a great time for her.  She loves seeing the animals at the zoo.

Kids really enjoy seeing the animals at the zoo.  It is the best place to see the animals in person and the kids can experience how they look like, the sound they make, and their sizes.  The zoo is also an educational attraction for kids and for the whole family.

As for me and my dear husband, he took me and DD to a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

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Play Date And Egg Hunt ( Momimhar posted on April 8th, 2014 )


Filling the plastic eggs for tomorrow’s egg hunt.

My cousin Emz told me that there will be an Easter Egg Hunt at a park in town tomorrow.  She will be taking her two kids there and she invited me and DD to go too.  We have to bring eggs for the Egg Hunt and snacks to share with everyone.  So this evening, my darling daughter and I went to Dollar General to buy some plastic eggs, basket, and treats.  We also bought a couple packs of little girls’ rings with Disney Princess and Doc McStuffins.  She love those characters.  DD was very excited and she helped me fill the plastic eggs with the goodies.

At bedtime, she wanted me to read Max’s Easter Surprise (Max and Ruby) and The Story Of The Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen.  These two books are her favorites as of the moment.  Reading a book is part of our bedtime routine.

We are looking forward to a pleasant weather tomorrow.  I bet the children will have a wonderful time egg hunting.  This will be my first time to join this group of moms’ event.  My cousin had mentioned that she’s a member of this moms’ group.  So tomorrow I’ll try to get to know them and may join.

Our Small Celebration For The Graduates ( Momimhar posted on April 5th, 2014 )


Tiramisu cake.

My cousin and I hosted lunch at her house celebrating the graduation of my sister from college and of our cousins from high school.  We invited a few girl friends to have lunch with us yesterday.  I really wanted to celebrate the graduation even if I wasn’t there to witness it myself.  In a small and simple way my cousin and I shared the joy and the blessing that The Almighty has given us and our loved ones in this special occasion.

We are very proud of these kids.  They’re very diligent and patient.  Wishing them the very best in their future endeavors.

It’s Her Graduation Day! ( Momimhar posted on April 2nd, 2014 )

Today is the day, Edz!  May you excel in the field you have chosen.

Congratulations to this year’s graduates, especially to those in the honor rolls, the awardees, the ‘laudes and the ‘torians! Wishing you all the best!

Again, congratulations!

Today (April 3 in the Philippines) is  my little sister’s graduation from college.  My parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews are there to witness the special day of her college life.  Graduation Day.  Four years of complete diligence and patience had paid off.  We are very proud of her completing a nursing course.  How I wish we could be there to share and witness the special occasion.

The next thing after their graduation is the review for the nursing license examinations.

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