4 Practical Reasons to Invest in Online Education ( Momimhar posted on October 2nd, 2015 )

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Continuing your education in any form can enhance your career opportunities while making you more efficient at the job you have now. Knowledge is a key factor in virtually any aspect in life, and the Internet can be used as an efficient tool to get the education you need. Taking online courses, such as the CompTIA A+ practice test, provides a number of practical benefits for life in today’s society.


An online education doesn’t have to cost you thousands in student loans that will follow you every where you go. Many certifications for A+, MSCA and LPI are available at affordable rates. Also, there are a lot of businesses that will pay more to someone that has a degree. The money you could make through a better career after becoming certified may make up the expense in a short amount of time.

Travel Expenses

With gas prices they are now, traveling to and from a traditional college or other educational facility may be unrealistic for a budget. Online courses and practice tests save you money in gas and wear-and-tear of your vehicle as you can do them from home. When you take into consideration all the driving that would be entailed, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars per year.

Your Own Schedule

Many real-life classes rely on a specific schedule during the day. For those that have jobs, maintaining a schedule like this may be next to impossible. Most online educational courses allow you to set your own hours allowing you to work and learn without putting too much of a strain on yourself. You won’t have to call in sick in order to make it to classes on time.

Your Own Pace

For the most part, online education allows you to work at your own pace. As long as you meet certain criteria by a certain date, you can go as fast or as slow as you’d like. This gives you the chance to go over materials more thoroughly before advancing to the next stage. You may have a better chance of absorbing information without feeling rushed.

Too many people convince themselves that a proper education requires attending classes during the day at some facility. In reality, virtually the same information is available to you online as in one of those physical locations. All of the information you’ll need to pass a certification can be obtained from the comfort of your own home.

See Your Dentist For Long Term Dental Health ( Momimhar posted on October 1st, 2015 )

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I went to my dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. It was supposed to be last Thursday but I had to reschedule because my dear husband didn’t get a day off that day.  So he watched our darling daughter this afternoon while I was away.  They went to Half Price Books Sale to buy some chapter books and kids’ books.

Still feeling groggy from being sick yesterday, I had to go and get my teeth cleaned.  I have my monthly sickness and I hate it when it comes because I am incapable of doing anything for two days.  I have to stay in a dark and quiet room, couldn’t even eat very good because I can’t keep anything down.  That’s how horrible my monthly sickness is.  Do you or someone you know feel the same way?

I have very sensitive teeth that is why going to the dentist makes me nervous.  But it is very important for us to keep our teeth and gums healthy.  And this is for long term.

I experienced having a toothache that kept me awake all night when I was a teenager.  Back home in the Philippines, we didn’t have dental care and we didn’t have insurance.  There were dental offices but we don’t go there because we couldn’t afford paying for the visits.  I was not one of those fortunate ones gifted with good set of teeth.  However, I was able to save some of mine before they’re all got rotten by eating sweets almost everyday when I was a teen.

Thank goodness to dentistry and to the person who started dental care from a long long long time ago.  :)

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Eyes And Resolve Minor Vision Problems ( Momimhar posted on September 30th, 2015 )

As a stay-at-home mom blogger, I spend a lot of time on the computer – typing blog post entries, editing pictures, sorting photos for Pinterest Boards, and responding to email messages.  I don’t do these on my cellphone because, you know, cellphones have small screens.  And that means, my eyes get strained sometimes which is giving me headaches once in a while.  I do know that vision problems run in my family.  But I am trying to not take the risk of acquiring them because I don’t want to wear eyeglasses.

But there are some people who have really bad vision.  Some got it when they were born and others acquired vision problems as they get old.  That is why they get prescription eyeglasses to help them see things perfectly.  My husband has an eye problem since he was seven years old.  And he is gonna wear eyeglasses for the rest of his life.  I know it’s not ideal but what can he do?

But is there a way to treat bad vision?  Some eye exercises can help strengthen the muscles of the eyes. I also heard about a type of eyeglasses called pinhole-glasses that can help treat a certain vision problem.  A good eye specialist can help with eye care needs and give recommendations on ways to improve good vision.

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Helpful Tips: 

That is why we should take care of our eyes especially our children’s.  Kids are vulnerable to vision problems because of modern technology around us.  These tips are based on my personal experience and daily routine.

  • Do not overdo looking on the screen of our computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.  Look away from the computer after every 20 minutes.
  • Don’t watch television or read when you are lying down.
  • Wash your face 10 minutes after you wake up in the morning.
  • Relax your eyes (few minutes after working on the computer) before washing your face at bedtime.
  • Keep an ideal distance when watching television – not too close and not too far.
  • Eat yellow, orange, and green vegetables rich in Vitamin A.
  • Exercise your eyes outdoors by looking as far as you can.

Hope these help.  If you have more recommendations, please leave in the comments below.

Find Fun Free Story Books For Your Kids On Amazon For Kindle Fire ( Momimhar posted on September 24th, 2015 )

While I am tapping the keyboard of my laptop doing some online duties such as browsing mom blog pages, Pinterest boards, and Instagram photos, my daughter was just sitting on the couch playing with her learning game apps on her new Amazon Kindle Fire.  I bought the gadget few months ago in replacement to the previous tab that was broken within a month of purchase when she accidentally dropped it on the floor.  The screen cracked and there’s now way I can fix it without paying over $80 for screen replacement.  So I decided to buy a new one.

My friend recommended the Amazon Kindle Fire.  But she said I have to buy one with the 8 gigabytes of storage because the basic applications and software alone consumes the half of it.  I am happy that my darling daughter is enjoying her new gadget.  The gadget is solid and durable.  Once you get familiar with the settings and navigation, it’s easy to manipulate.

DD's Amazon Kindle Fire

DD’s Amazon Kindle Fire

My darling daughter only uses it whenever she is relaxing after dinner and, sometimes but not frequently, before bedtime.  During the day, I only let her use it for an hour because she has other activities to do like working on her pre-K (pre-Kindergarten) activity book, playing outside, biking, and going to town with me on errands days.  There isn’t much applications in the Kindle Fire besides a few toddler game apps.

Right now, she is reading – yes my daughter is a beginner reader already – a book from Children’s Beginner Readers Kindle Edition.

Below are the story books I downloaded to her Kindle Fire.  They’re free on Amazon.

a-halloween stories a-wiggly worm book

Have You Ever Tried To Eat Some Fig Fruits? ( Momimhar posted on September 17th, 2015 )

Fig fruits

Fig fruits

Have you tried some fig fruit?  How did you like it?

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