Shopping For New Toys ( Momimhar posted on July 15th, 2014 )

I took my darling daughter to the toy store because she has been bugging me about when we’re gonna go there. Good thing I received a $30 gift card as a compensation from a survey that I participated in last month. Well, even if I didn’t have the gift card, I would still take DD to the toy store.

When we entered the store, there’s a table by the door with toys on display. They were battery-operated fish of different kinds and colors. They’re called Lil’ Fishys motorized pets. DD got fascinated with it and she wanted to get one. The price was like $10. Whew! I bought it anyway. After all, she had some shopping money. Aside from the Lil’ Fishys, we also bought a chunky wooden puzzle from Melissa & Doug and a t-shirt with pink tiger face on it.

Pool time with her Lil' Fishy.

Pool time with her Lil’ Fishy.

DD was happy with her items. As soon as we got home my little girl wanted to play in her pink pool. She wanted to let the Lil’ Fishy swim. She was very delighted to see how it swims in the water. “It’s gonna be my favorite toy,” she said.

I also noticed that the store have some infant Halloween outfits out on display already. Isn’t it too early?

Halloween outfits on display as early as July.

Halloween outfits on display as early as July.

Fascinated With The Two Princesses Of Disney’s Frozen ( Momimhar posted on July 12th, 2014 )

DD and friend singing Let It Go from the movie Frozen.

DD (in green shirt) and friend singing Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen.

The Disney movie Frozen was a hit and children have been very fascinated with its characters – Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf the snowman, and Kristoff.  My little girl loves the two princesses.  She even wanted to have the dress up gowns.  How I wish I can buy her the gowns for dress up.  Right now they are still kind of pricey.  But I am keeping my eyes open for good deals.

Yesterday, we visited my friend F.  It’s the regular play date for our kids.  I didn’t know that my friend prepared a big lunch for everybody because besides me and darling daughter, our two other girl friends came over.  In addition, I was also meeting someone at her house to discuss an employment opportunity for me.  That person happens to be my friend’s new friend.  :)

Anyway, our kids enjoyed playing at their outdoor playground set.  When it got very hot outside, they ran into the house and sang karaoke.  It was nice that F and her husband have a karaoke system with songs downloaded in it.  They have Disney’s Frozen soundtrack downloaded in the system.  Man, the girls were like having a concert yesterday.  :)

Super Hero Is The Big Thing ( Momimhar posted on July 9th, 2014 )

Darling daughter is getting more and more engaged in playing super hero games.  I guess it is very normal with young children.  She began showing interest with kiddie super heroes when she was two years old.  She got fascinated with Tree Fu Tom and Mike The Knight at first.  After a while she started liking Paw Patrol, Scoobydooby Doo, Ninja Turtles, and The Incredibles.  When we are playing pretend at home, she is the super hero and I am always the bad guy.  :)

We borrow kids’ movies DVD and books at the library.  Whenever we watch them, DD immediately imitates the part where the lead character of the movie saves day.  Sometimes she creates her own scene.  And I become a part of it.  It is funny because when I pretend to be mean, she will do karate.  Hahaha!

Oh it is really precious when we play and have fun with our children.  We see how delightful they are when we join them and become a part of their imagination.  I remember when I was doing my morning walk one day, three years ago, an elderly asked me how far along I was.  I answered seven months.  He said, “Congratulations!  Do you know the gender yet?”.  I said, “Yes.  It’s a girl.”  Then he said, “Love her.  They grow so fast.”

Toddlers’ Unpredictable Appetite ( Momimhar posted on July 7th, 2014 )

When it comes to eating meals, some kids are very picky.  I think my darling daughter is one.  I just noticed recently that she doesn’t like eating some of the fruits and vegetables that were once her favorite when she was two years old.  I worried about it so much.  But my husband told me not to panic because there is a way to make it work.  He’s right.

It is very important that we have to monitor what our children eat.  Toddlers have a very unpredictable appetite.  If we give in to their wants such as sweets and other unhealthy food, we will be confronted by guilt and they will get into malnutrition.  So we have to be very consistent in feeding our beloved children with highly nutritious foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts.  Drinking pure fruit juices and water help with regulating the body as well.

good2grow-logoBecause my toddler is getting a little picky, I make sure that in every meal – breakfast, lunch, and supper – there are servings of fruits (strawberries and peaches are her favorites) and vegetables of any kind on the table.  When we go out of town, I pack lunch or snacks with her favorite juice.  She didn’t like apple juice before but I am very glad that Good 2 Grow apple juice is becoming her asked-for drink.  I always take a bottle or two of the Good 2 Grow drinks.

GTG with the Cinderella topper.

G2G with the Cinderella topper.

Besides easy grip, DD likes the taste of the juice.  The containers are made with attractive spill-proof toppers which DD likes also.  According to it’s package, Good 2 Grow juice products are made with real fruit juice.  I tried one and it tasted really good.  I just want to see more of the nutritional facts in the packaging.

good2grow-product-shotWhat do you think about it? Is this a fruit drink that your child want to try?  Better grab the opportunity to be able to get a chance to get free coupons on Good 2 Grow fruit juices and vegetable blend juices.  Simply go to to stitch a story about your child’s Good 2 Grow experience.  While you’re there, enter for a chance to win $5000 scholarship for your child and free coupons.  Wait, there’s more!  Enter here for a chance to win a themed birthday party plus a $500.  I joined and I hope you will, too.

Good To Grow apple punch

Good To Grow apple punch


I    received    this    product    for    free    from    the    sponsor    of    the    Moms    MeetSM    program,    May    Media    Group    LLC,    who    received    it    directly    from    the    manufacturer.    As    a    Moms    MeetsSM    blogger,    I    agreed    to    use    this    product    and    post    my    opinion    on    my    blog.    My    opinions    do    not    necessarily    reflect    the    opinions    of    May    Media    Group    LLC    or    the    manufacturer    of    the    product.   

Celebrating 4th Of July 2014 ( Momimhar posted on July 4th, 2014 )

toddler girl patriotic outfit

DD’s 4th of July outfit.

little girl drinking

Patiently waiting for Nana and Paw-Paw.

It’s 4th of July again.  As usual, we are hosting the celebration of the America’s Independence Day at our humble home with fireworks and hamburger sandwiches.  My dear husband’s parents came over.  His brother and sister-in-law did, too.  Some our friends including my darling daughter’s Godmother and her daughter also came to join the celebration.

We bought fireworks from the fireworks store located just about a mile away from our house.  It was about 9:45 in the evening when we began shooting fireworks because it doesn’t get dark until then (in summer season).  My husband and I agreed to get a few sparklers for DD.  She had fun holding the lighted sparklers until the ‘booming’ of the fireworks in the sky scared her.  It was too loud for her so my sister-in-law and DD went inside the house and they played dollhouse in her bedroom.

Some toddlers like DD are scared with loud booms.  Excessive exposure to loud noises can lead to a hearing problem.  In special occasions like this, it is better for them to stay inside the house and enjoy playing with cousins, aunts, or other kids.

It was nice to see family and friends gathering on special events like this.  My parents-in-law stayed for the night and, of course, my darling daughter was very happy.

Mom's Blueberry pie on the 4th of July.  :)

Mom’s Blueberry pie on the 4th of July. :)

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