We’re Going To The Beach ( Momimhar posted on July 24th, 2014 )

Oh summer is here again!  My darling daughter and I couldn’t wait for our summer family vacation next month.  Actually, our upcoming vacation is in about two weeks.  We are going to Galveston Island, Texas.  ‘Haven’t been back there in three years.  That was when I was pregnant with darling daughter.  I am excited for her that she will see the beach and the sand.  The beach there isn’t that great but still I love to be at the beach.  :)

We have to buy new water shoes.  And I think my dear husband’s swimming shorts were kind of worn out so I am going to buy a new pair for him sometime next week.

Healthy Parents, Healthy Household ( Momimhar posted on July 21st, 2014 )

Portrait at the doctor's office.

Portrait at the doctor’s office.

I had my health check-up last week.  I have been feeling awful since my ears were plugged.  I couldn’t hear nothing.  My dear husband said it might be due to a sinus problem.  I didn’t have colds.  It’s just my ears were plugged I woke up one morning.

For about a week I tried to observe and did some research for home remedies for plugged ears.  But it didn’t go away.  So last month I went to see a doctor.  He checked my ears.  He didn’t see anything except wax build up.  My heart and lungs sounded great.  But my blood pressure was very high.  Upon learning about my health history, he prescribed a high blood press medicine for one month.  Then I have to come back to see him again to see if the medicine works.  After I took all the medicine, I didn’t come back to see him. I went to a family doctor instead, which was last week’s appointment.

It was quite a drive to our new family doctor’s office.  But I picked them because they open at 7:00 A.M..  Their location is convenient for my husband because it’s closer to his work.  His ideal time for appointment is 8:00 A.M..  And they are in-network with our health insurance plan.  My check-up went well.  The high blood pressure medicine I was taking was okay.  It helped my blood pressure down to normal.  And my ears were not plugged anymore.

As parents, we should always be aware of our health.  Getting sick is normal.  It’s our body’s reaction to bad elements in our surroundings.  Eating healthy, nutritious foods and regular exercise are highly recommended.  But if we feel something weird and is going constant, we should seek a physician’s help.  We only have one body.  We cannot take good care of our family if we do not take care of ourselves.

My Sisters ( Momimhar posted on July 18th, 2014 )

My sisters.

My sisters.

These are my sisters.  They are Milly and Dylen.  The youngest is Dylen, the one in the front.  Milly is married and a mom to two teenage girl and boy.  We are four in the family and I am the eldest.  Our only brother is next to Milly.  He is also married now with two children.

Dylen just graduated college a couple of months ago.  Now she is preparing to go to the nursing board examination review in Cebu next month.  She and few of her classmates who are in the 3rd batch of reviewers will head to Cebu and stay there for a few weeks.  Dylen told me that they have to pay the review tuition in full this month so they don’t have to think about it during the review.  In addition to the tuition, they have to pay lodging.  We sent Dylen some travel money so she has a budget during her stay in Cebu.

I miss my siblings very much.  I miss our talks and hanging out together.  We are looking forward to a long vacation again.  And we are planning to go to the beach.  Hopefully we will be able to do it.  It’s a long wait but we have a long time to save money for it.  :)

Shopping For New Toys ( Momimhar posted on July 15th, 2014 )

I took my darling daughter to the toy store because she has been bugging me about when we’re gonna go there. Good thing I received a $30 gift card as a compensation from a survey that I participated in last month. Well, even if I didn’t have the gift card, I would still take DD to the toy store.

When we entered the store, there’s a table by the door with toys on display. They were battery-operated fish of different kinds and colors. They’re called Lil’ Fishys motorized pets. DD got fascinated with it and she wanted to get one. The price was like $10. Whew! I bought it anyway. After all, she had some shopping money. Aside from the Lil’ Fishys, we also bought a chunky wooden puzzle from Melissa & Doug and a t-shirt with pink tiger face on it.

Pool time with her Lil' Fishy.

Pool time with her Lil’ Fishy.

DD was happy with her items. As soon as we got home my little girl wanted to play in her pink pool. She wanted to let the Lil’ Fishy swim. She was very delighted to see how it swims in the water. “It’s gonna be my favorite toy,” she said.

I also noticed that the store have some infant Halloween outfits out on display already. Isn’t it too early?

Halloween outfits on display as early as July.

Halloween outfits on display as early as July.

Fascinated With The Two Princesses Of Disney’s Frozen ( Momimhar posted on July 12th, 2014 )

DD and friend singing Let It Go from the movie Frozen.

DD (in green shirt) and friend singing Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen.

The Disney movie Frozen was a hit and children have been very fascinated with its characters – Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf the snowman, and Kristoff.  My little girl loves the two princesses.  She even wanted to have the dress up gowns.  How I wish I can buy her the gowns for dress up.  Right now they are still kind of pricey.  But I am keeping my eyes open for good deals.

Yesterday, we visited my friend F.  It’s the regular play date for our kids.  I didn’t know that my friend prepared a big lunch for everybody because besides me and darling daughter, our two other girl friends came over.  In addition, I was also meeting someone at her house to discuss an employment opportunity for me.  That person happens to be my friend’s new friend.  :)

Anyway, our kids enjoyed playing at their outdoor playground set.  When it got very hot outside, they ran into the house and sang karaoke.  It was nice that F and her husband have a karaoke system with songs downloaded in it.  They have Disney’s Frozen soundtrack downloaded in the system.  Man, the girls were like having a concert yesterday.  :)

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