Carousel, Train, and Disney Store ( Momimhar posted on September 13th, 2014 )

Visited the Disney Store for the very first time.

Visited the Disney Store for the very first time.

After a very fun double birthday celebration this afternoon, I took my darling daughter to the mall.  It’s been a while since our last visit to the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas.  Besides the play area, there is a carousel located on the second level by the food court.  That’s what K asks me sometimes – if we can go to the mall where the round-about is.  And because my girl friend’s daughters’ birthday party was held at her house in Frisco, I thought I’d take K to Stonebriar mall and let her ride the carousel.  Oh she got so excited when she saw the big carousel.  The cost to per ride is $2.  But there are two token machines where you can get tokens.  I bought 5 tokens and boy, K had fun switching horses.  I felt a little dizzy after that five 2-3 minutes duration spins.

K was very happy riding the carousel.

K was very happy riding the carousel.

I didn’t know that the Disney Store is just right across the food court.  So when we got off the carousel, K quickly saw the store.  Oh my goodness!  She wanted to go inside.  And so, today was quite memorable because it’s the first time she went to the Disney Store.  K was very fascinated with the Disney characters on display, the toys, and the castle.  Some of the stuff for sale aren’t cheap so I was kind of nervous K will ask me to buy something out of the budget.  And she did.  She said she wanted to get a new tea set and she picked the Belle character tea set.  But I told her it’s a little expensive so I talked her into buying something else.  She found the Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip castle set.  The price was lower than the tea set so I bought it for her.  Good thing I didn’t buy the pair of shoes I saw earlier at Dillards.  Whew.

We had a little snack at the food court then we went for a stroll in the mall for a few minutes.  I remembered seeing a train traveling around on the lower level of the mall.  My darling daughter enjoys riding on a train.  So I let her ride the train for a little while.  It was $4.35 per ticket per ride, by the way.  Then I got the chance to sit down and rest my feet.  I was on my feet for at least an hour, you know.

On our way home, K kept talking about the carousel ride and the trip to the Disney Store.  I heard lots of “Thank you’s”.  I am happy knowing that she had a great time.  Mother and daughter day out is exhausting but seeing my child happy makes me feel happy.

She always liked to sit in the front car of the train.  :)

She always liked to sit in the front car of the train. :)

Nice Day To Fly A Kite ( Momimhar posted on September 10th, 2014 )

K catching the tails of the kite.

K catching the tails of the kite.

It’s a windy day today.  Nice day to fly a kite.  So after my darling daughter rode her trike and bike, we flew her kite.  She got to fly the kite first but the wind just blew it away to the bushes in our front yard.  So she let me do it.  I was flying the kite under the shade of our tree.  Then she said she’ll catch the tails of the kite.  We had so much fun.  K laughs and giggles every time she catches the tails and the kite itself.

It is close to 100 F outside but the strong breeze helps beat the heat a little bit.

Kid’s Bedroom Furniture Set ( Momimhar posted on August 20th, 2014 )

K has a new bed set.

K has a new bed set.

I am happy to share that my darling daughter has graduated from her toddler bed.  My dear husband and I put her big bed together last night and she was very excited to sleep in it.  It’s a full size bed so K and I fit in there very well.  Now I don’t have to have my legs hanging off the bed when reading a book to K at bedtime.  We bought this kid’s bedroom furniture set from a neighbor who had a moving sale two years ago.  The set was sold to us for $250.  I think we had a good deal.  And the pieces still looking great.

And because the new bed occupies most of the space in my daughter’s bedroom, I am taking away a few toys and toy storage that she doesn’t need.  I am not keeping some in the closet because  I already re-organized it.  I am thinking of donating some of the old toys, books, and other toddler items to charity.  There is big donation box close by where I can drop the stuff in.

About buying kid’s room furniture, there is always a good deal at garage sales or at online stores.  Though it takes you time to find one, it is worth checking.  We will surely have this furniture set in K’s bedroom for a while. K said she has a big girl’s bed now.  :)

Pool Party On 18th Birthday ( Momimhar posted on July 26th, 2014 )

Hybrid Rose - LT's 18 roses

Hybrid Rose – LT’s 18 roses

Our friend’s daughter LT turned 18 today and she invited us to celebrate the special occasion with her family, friends, and the Wesley Fellowship.  It’s a pool party and it was a great evening for a pool party today.  My darling daughter was happy to see her godparents.  But her most favorite thing of the day was swimming in the pool.  Dear husband bought a kid’s swim vest for DD the other day.  Gladly she wore it in the pool because she didn’t like wearing one when we were at her cousin’s swimming party last summer.

The party was held in a neighborhood’s clubhouse where one of our friends live.  Holding a party in clubhouses is also a good idea.  Kitchen and other room amenities in the clubhouse can be used in gatherings.  But of course, you have to rent it.  The number of guest are limited since the place is not that very big.

The birthday celebrant’s immediate families on both side of parents came all the way from Chicago to join and celebrate her 18th birthday.  It was really nice because her cousins were there, too. They had a great time playing games and swimming in the pool.  There were plenty of food and drinks for everyone.  There was also a photo booth that LT’s brother had set-up for fun.  But we forgot to get our pictures taken.  I missed it.  :)

Anyway, what I loved most at the party was the celebrant’s 18 roses.  They were lovely!  In connection to her going to college this fall, she picked the orange color roses to be her flowers for this occasion.  It is because she is going to University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) and orange is the university’s primary color.

We’re Going To The Beach ( Momimhar posted on July 24th, 2014 )

Oh summer is here again!  My darling daughter and I couldn’t wait for our summer family vacation next month.  Actually, our upcoming vacation is in about two weeks.  We are going to Galveston Island, Texas.  ‘Haven’t been back there in three years.  That was when I was pregnant with darling daughter.  I am excited for her that she will see the beach and the sand.  The beach there isn’t that great but still I love to be at the beach.  :)

We have to buy new water shoes.  And I think my dear husband’s swimming shorts were kind of worn out so I am going to buy a new pair for him sometime next week.

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