Flowers And Cards ( Momimhar posted on December 5th, 2014 )

Our darling daughter is 4 years old. :)

Our darling daughter is 4 years old. :)

Daddy bought a bouquet of fresh rainbow flowers this morning for our birthday girl.  So when DD woke up, she was surprised with these lovely colorful flowers and a birthday card with her favorite magical character on it – the unicorn.  The card has stickers and she liked it as well.  How time flies so fast.  Our little darling is not little anymore.  She doesn’t want to be called that. She said she’s a big girl now.  I am proud to say that I didn’t go through that terrible two’s.  DD is a happy child.  There are times she wants things her way but she listens when we tell her that she can’t have them because they’re not necessary.

As much as she loves flowers, DD also loves the greeting cards she received from family and friends.   And a big thanks to those who gave her birthday presents.

greeting cards-flowers-balloon

Toddler Tantrums ( Momimhar posted on November 22nd, 2014 )

My husband and I were so disappointed and embarrassed today.  Our darling daughter didn’t cooperate when it was time to take our portraits at the photography studio this afternoon.  I set this appointment to have our family portraits taken because the prints will arrive in about two weeks.  Then we still have time to have our greeting cards for the Holidays.  But we had to cancel because, all of a sudden, our daughter had tantrums.  She didn’t want to go to the photo room.  And worse, she was crying all of a sudden.  We were all dressed up, looking great and then we had to leave because she didn’t compose herself.  She’s feeling fine.  We told her about today’s schedule last night.  Now our weekend was ruined.  Time wasted.  Her daddy was very upset that he let her think about what she did all afternoon.

Then this evening at bedtime I asked why she was crying at the studio.  She said she wanted to go to the playground.  Well, I told her already that I will take her to the playground after the photo shoot and lunch.  She just wanted to get what she wants right there and then.  Well, she has to learn how to wait and be patient.  We have things scheduled and we have to get them done first before we can go have some leisure time.  She apologized to her daddy and me before going to bed.

I don’t know if we can still have the time to get our portraits taken next weekend.  We will be busy traveling for Thanksgiving Day.

Big Hero 6 Movie ( Momimhar posted on November 8th, 2014 )

Of course, I had to take our pictures before the movie started.

Of course, I had to take our pictures before the movie started.

Although it was very chilly today, we watched a movie that my darling daughter was super excited about.  Since she saw the trailer of this movie on television, DD has been looking forward to watching it in the cinema.  Yesterday was the official showing of Big Hero 6 in theaters.  But we decided to watch today, Saturday, because we want daddy to go with us.  This is the second time we watched a movie in a theater.  The first movie we saw was Maleficent.  Darling daughter really enjoyed watching a movie in a big screen.  She’s happier because daddy went with us.

When I was checking for showing times in Cinemax in Rockwall, 11:00 A.M. was the early bird time.  The movie ticket price was like $6.50 per ticket.  No wonder the tickets were sold out when we got there.  We found Big Hero 6 a nice movie.  It was funny and had a little of drama in it.  The movie featured high technology discoveries and invention of young geniuses including the main character Hiro, which became their tool to become super heroes.  Baymax was so adorable.  :)  I thought Hiro’s brother Tadashi was going to be one of the member’s of Big Hero 6.  You have to see the movie to know why.

In the last scenes of the movie, DD felt a little sad.  It was because she thought Hiro totally losts Baymax.  But he really didn’t.  Again, you have to see the movie to see why.  :)  We’ll gonna get a copy of the movie’s DVD as soon as it becomes available.


(Image is not mine.)


Princess Ariel Pumpkin Carving And Trick Or Treat ( Momimhar posted on November 4th, 2014 )

pumpkin 2014

Our carved pumpkin for Halloween 2014. Supposed to be Princess Ariel’s face. Hubby said he should have carved the eyes, nose, and the mouth first. :)

We still had a nice Halloween trick or treating this year.  Even though my dear husband carved the pumpkin to the last minute, I think it still looked cute. :)  He was complaining because it had lots of lines to trace.  Anyway, we liked it and DD said it’s pretty.

inventory-halloween 2014

As usual, DD is taking inventory of the treats she received.

I had all the candies ready by the front door and I turned on the front porch light as soon as it got dark.  My daughter wanted to wear her wolf mask instead.  We went trick or treating in our neighborhood.  I think there were 15 houses, including ours, did trick or treat this year.  Not bad, I guess.  There were only nine last year.  We gave the remaining candies to the last batch of trick or treaters from another neighborhood.  I think there were more than 10 of them on a trailer.  That was fun.


And we had a visitor. I was dogsitting this pug over the weekend. :)

And this doggie was our visitor.  Her name is Howler and I was dogsitting her over the weekend because her owner went on a weekend trip to California to visit a family.  Howler was on her Geisha dog Halloween costume.  :)

Last Minute Shopping For Halloween Outfit ( Momimhar posted on November 3rd, 2014 )

Oh wow! It’s already November again. Happy belated Halloween everyone. I got very busy last few days. My darling daughter and I went to the Boo on Ballard 2014 in Wylie, Texas Thursday of last week.  I didn’t get to take photos because my cellphone was low battery.  And we got there an hour before the event was over at 8:00 P.M.  In addition, I had a hard time finding a parking spot because the parking lot in Downtown Wylie was very full.  Good thing somebody was leaving so I quickly took his place.

We didn’t have theme costume for Halloween this year.  I was thinking of wearing something from a fairytale character like a fairy because my little one liked to wear Princess Aurora gown at first.  But she changed her mind.  She wanted to wear the wolf mask that we bought from Walmart last month.  Few weeks before the Boo on Ballard event and the trick or treat evening, I asked her a few times what she wanted to wear on Halloween.  She insisted to wear the wolf mask.  So I had to look for a dark gray toddler outfit.  I thought of a gray pants and a pull-over jacket.  As soon as I got off work one evening, my darling daughter and I went to a department store to look and buy an outfit for her.  Luckily I saw a pair of dark gray toddler pull-over and pants set.  And I found her size too!  They were perfect match for my DD’s wolf mask.

DD in her wolf mask.

DD in her wolf mask.

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