Fun With Family And Friends Celebrating The 4th Of July ( Momimhar posted on July 22nd, 2015 )

The kids were chasing Uncle G with their Magic Balloons.

The kids were chasing Uncle G with their Magic Balloons.

K and friend lighting up sparklers.

K and friend lighting up sparklers.

Done with our fireworks. So we were relaxing and watching the neighbors' fireworks show. :)

Done with our fireworks. So we were relaxing and watching the neighbors’ fireworks show. :)

Happy Independence Day, America.  Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2015

Tower Of The Americas In San Antonio ( Momimhar posted on July 14th, 2015 )

Going up to The Tower of the Americas

Going up to The Tower of the Americas

My dear husband and I were glad that our darling daughter had wonderful time on our vacation in San Antonio.  We took our little one to Sea World, strolled on the Riverwalk, and went up to the Tower of the Americas.

My husband didn’t have a plan on going up to the tower but since we’re already in San Antonio, I thought why not give it a try.  And I would like to go up there.  :)  It was worth the trip.  While my loves were busy looking over the town thru a telescope on the Observation Deck, I enjoyed reading the history of San Antonio and the State of Texas itself from the photo exhibits and historical information display on the deck including the story behind the Six Flags Over Texas.

Looking thru the telescope requires 25 cents or a quarter.  It was a great experience for me because it was my first time way up high.

Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas

Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas

The Tower of the Americas is located at the HemisFair Park in San Antonio, Texas.  If you are heading South of Texas, visit San Antonio.  Don’t forget to go up to the Tower of the Americas.  It’s one of the best things to do in San Antonio.

Ready To Make Your Small Business Grow? Try This! ( Momimhar posted on July 7th, 2015 )

There’s nothing quite like pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams by starting your own business. And as you probably know, the incipient stage of business growth is one of the most important. If you’re serious about ensuring that your small business gets in a state of steady growth, it’s important to know that there are several growth strategies you can appropriate to make it happen.  Here are three:

1. Give Out Great “Gift Baskets.”

Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and this includes your clients and employees. Since this is the case, make sure that you’re saying “Thank you” in a beautiful, personal way. One of the best gift options out there is the gift basket, and there are a plethora of great companies that offer a wide range of aesthetically appealing baskets. For example, Bisket Baskets provides clients with unique corporate gift baskets that include wine, candy, and several other amazing treats.

2. Make Marketing A Priority.

Marketing is important for all businesses, but it is especially significant for individuals who have just started their own companies. Consistently connecting with members of your target market in a meaningful way is the key to precipitating conversion, and marketing makes this important process possible. It’s almost always most appropriate and advantageous for you to hire a team of advertising specialists who can create a customized marketing campaign on your behalf. The internet makes it easy for you to research several advertising firms to determine who will offer you the savvy, sophisticated assistance you need and deserve.

3. Optimize Your Self.

Although business owners tend to think about optimizing their daily operations, conversion rates, and employee skill set, they oftentimes forget that self-optimization is important. As the leader of your company, it’s important that you possess self-confidence, high energy levels, and a generally positive outlook about life. By utilizing self-optimization techniques such as developing an exercise program and eliminating bad eating habits, you can become a better you and thereby benefit your company.


Running a small business can be fun and rewarding, especially if you use proven success principles that will facilitate ongoing growth. To ensure that you keep your small business on the path to profound success, be sure that you’re giving out great gift baskets, optimizing your marketing campaign, and improving upon yourself. Good luck!

Summer Trip – Seaworld San Antonio ( Momimhar posted on July 3rd, 2015 )

Hello everyone!  Hello, month of July.  :)  Me and family got very busy the last week.  We went to Seaworld San Antonio and Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.  It’s been five years since the last time my husband and I had a trip to San Antonio.  That was before baby.  This time, we have K with us.  We wanted her to see the Shamu Show and Clyde and Seymore, the sea lions.  With her fascination with sea creatures, our darling daughter had a wonderful time at Seaworld.  Her favorite attractions at Seaworld were the Shamu Show, Clyde and Seymore – Sea Lion High, and the Journey To Atlantis Ride.  We got soaking wet at the Shamu Show because we were sitting in the splash zone, really close to the tank.  That was really fun.

At the Shamu Show - Seaworld San Antonio

At the Shamu Show – Seaworld San Antonio

After the Shamu Show, we walked towards the Flamingo spot.  Here K met a new friend and they fed the flamingos and the ducks together.  My daughter is a social butterfly.

K met a new friend at the Flamingo area.

K met a new friend at the Flamingo area.

When she finished feeding the Flamingos, my hubby let me and K ride the Shamu rollercoaster for kids.  Boy, she wanted to ride that again and again.  But we got very hungry so we had a late lunch.  Full from lunch, we walked to the next attractin – Clyde and Seymore Sea Lion High.  It was a comedy show.  We had so much fun laughing and of course, got splashed again.

Sea Lion High Show - Seaworld San Antonio

Sea Lion High Show – Seaworld San Antonio

Journey To Atlantis Ride

Journey To Atlantis Ride

Last but not the least attraction we experienced was the Journey To Atlantis.  At first, K didn’t want to go try to ride.  She just wanted to get wet in the huge splash of water as the carriage went down.  That was so much fun, too.

Big splash

Big splash from Journey To Atlantis ride


Age Appropriate Jobs – Let Your Toddlers Help By Doing Simple Household Chores ( Momimhar posted on June 22nd, 2015 )

While I was doing the laundry last night, my darling daughter K was helping me load the dirty clothes in the washer.  “Mommy, I want to help you,” she said.  So  I let her pour the laundry detergent into the washer and the fabric softener in the dispenser.  K wanted to put the wet clothes in the dryer so I let her put the small ones in there, too.  She wanted to do the controls so I guided her through the control buttons on the dryer.  She was very happy that she did all that.  She said, “I’m a grown up girl now, mommy.” K’s so proud of herself.

This is to share with y’all that toddlers can be a great help in your household.  With proper guidance and supervision, your toddlers can do the job you assigned to them without a hassle.  Though your work sometimes gets more complicated, yet teaching them the concept of responsibility is great help to them especially if they are very willing to learn.  In the long run, they will offer help to you.  Do not refuse.  You are also helping your toddlers gain their self-esteem and self-worth.

But don’t overdo it. Don’t let your toddlers do the hard work.  What I mean is that, let your kids do the age appropriate household chores.  A guideline of age appropriate household jobs for kids are listed at

We don’t have to expect that they work has to be perfect.  Remember we are guiding them and supervising them, too.  Praising our little ones for helping us makes them proud.  “Well done, honey.  Thank you for helping,” makes their day.

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