Toddler Quote: Super Power ( Momimhar posted on May 15th, 2015 )

K: “Mommy, I wish you have super powers so you can stretch your arm and I can hold your hand whenever I want.”

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We Have A Pet ( Momimhar posted on May 12th, 2015 )

Assembling the acrylic fish tank for the Betta fish.

Assembling the acrylic fish tank for the Betta fish.

We have to condition the water for 24 hours before putting the Betta fish in the tank.  K was so excited about this.  She couldn’t wait.  She kept asking me if the water is ready.  Ang kulit!  Hahaha.

We have a pet.  Betta fish. :)

We have a pet. Betta fish. :)


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Playtime And The Unanticipated Sleepover ( Momimhar posted on May 6th, 2015 )

It was a great day for a get together last Thursday.  My daughter and I visited my cousin E and let our girls have some play time at her house.  We haven’t seen each other in a while because I had to work part time again for four weeks last month.  She was quite busy the past few weeks also.  So we hung out at her house let the kids play outside for a little while for the weather was very nice.  The girls were all over the backyard running, climbing, and exploring my cousin’s vegetable garden.

After a while, our friend R came over to bring us some homecoming present from the Philippines.  Dried fish.  She went to the Philippines to take care of an important matter regarding his son’s expiring travel document.  When R left my cousin and I fried some dried fish, heated up some pork and vegetable soup, and rice for dinner.  That was a good dinner.  We weren’t able to eat some dessert because we were so full.

The three girls were very dirty from playing in the mud (from the rain few days ago) in the backyard.  My cousin gave them a bath while I cleaned up the dining table.  When it was time for K and I to go home, cousin A got very sad.  She didn’t want K to go home.  So E and I came up with the idea of staying for a sleepover.  We’ve been planning it for a while though.  The little ones were happy.  But when I told K I will get her bunny from home, she wanted to go home with me too.  Oh dear.  So okay, I told E we will have a sleepover some other time.  We will just go home.  But A cried again.  She didn’t want K to go home.  Alright, I asked E if it’s okay if A will come with us and have a sleepover at my house instead.  E’s husband gave his permission.  So, problem solved.  We headed home with A.  Both girls were very happy.

Guess Who Is Going To College? ( Momimhar posted on May 4th, 2015 )

Two young family members graduated five weeks ago.  My niece and nephew,my younger sister’s kids, finished high school and elementary levels.  They both received the Most Behave award in their respective classes.  On the other hand, my other nephew (my brother’s son) received the Best Achiever award during the Recognition Ceremony at his school.  He will be in Third Grade this coming school year.

My niece IJ is entering college in June.  She is pretty much excited.  We are too.  Another member of the family is going to college.  Not so many kids can get a college education, you know.  That is why we are doing our best to help and assist our young ones with their needs in school.

I asked my sister if her daughter has something in mind what course to take in college.  She said my niece wants to take a Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) course.  Yet she said her husband wants IJ to take teaching.  IJ is not interested with that.  I told my sister to follow what her daughter’s interest.  If she finds HRM difficult, she can always switch courses.  But I believe that there is no difficult field as long as you have the interest to do it unless you do not have the financial support for it.  But we can always find a way to provide especially when we see our kids study hard.

And so, my two sisters accompanied my niece to the school for enrollment process.  She had her entrance examination, finished paper works, and got interviewed as well.  The three ladies went home happy for the enrollment’s done.  The next thing to do is buy school supplies and new uniforms for our students.

Hair Care For A Good Cause #SoapBox Argan Oil Shampoo And Conditioner #SudsySelfie Review ( Momimhar posted on April 29th, 2015 )


Soapbox Argan Oil Shampoo and Argan Oil Conditioner

Soapbox Argan Oil Shampoo and Argan Oil Conditioner

One of the most important responsibilities we should take is being responsible for our own wellness.  That includes taking care of our health and body including our hair.  As you know, dull unmanageable hair can be very depressing.  Before pregnancy, my jet black hair was smooth and shiny.  I guess most of the nutrients I got from food went to my hair that time.  But when I was pregnant and after delivery, my hair suddenly lost its ‘life’.

I try hair care periodically to see which ones will create a better result. I am open to suggestions, though.  Anyway, this is very exciting that Influenster gave me this opportunity to try Soapbox hair care.  After using these for days, I can say that I feel something good in my hair.  Softness and volume is now in the works.

The Soapbox Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner look creamy and lather pretty good on my hair.  They have a mild scent, too, which I really like because strong fragrance in shampoos and conditioners sometimes are harsh on the hair.

Ready for a sudsy selfie.

I’ll be ready for a sudsy selfie.

What makes Soapbox hair care ahead from the other products is that, they are sold not only for personal necessities but also for a good cause.  Soapbox Soaps teamed with Splash has a mission to empower customers to give back to the community with everyday purchases.  For every purchase of the Soapbox Soaps products, a portion of the sale will be donated for a month of free clean water to the community in need.

For product updates and selection, please go to and follow and also follow Soapbox Soaps on social media.

Twitter – @SoapboxSoaps

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I received these items complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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