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Canceled Trip To The Pumpkin Patch ( Momimhar posted on October 12th, 2013 )

Well, the scheduled trip to the pumpkin patch today was canceled due to a sudden drop of temperature and thunderstorm.  My cousin Emz and her kids were supposed to go with DD and me to the pumpkin patch.  We agreed not to go because at about eleven o’clock in them morning, it started to rain.

So dear husband said we just have to go eat lunch at Golden Corral buffet and buy new jeans at Academy.  That’s his favorite clothing store.  While getting ready, I noticed he was only wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a polo shirt.  Me and DD were in our jackets and long pants.  I asked DH to wear some jeans and a jacket because it’s getting cold outside.  He said, “I’ll be okay.”  Fine.

In the car he noticed there’s only two bars left in on the fuel indicator.  So we went ahead and gassed up the car before driving all the way to McKinney.  It was so gloomy and breezy with showers.  When he got out of the car, he was surprised how cold it was.  I knew from the expression of his face that he wasn’t comfortable.  So after the gas station, we drove back to the house and he changed outfit.

We were very hungry when we got to McKinney.  Gladly, Golden Corral is a buffet restaurant that we just have to pay, grab food, and eat immediately.  Darling daughter enjoyed her favorite veggies:  broccoli, carrots, and corn.    After a big lunch, next was shopping galore for jeans at Academy.  He spent his birthday gift cards today.

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