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Halloween 2015: Do You Visit Other Neighborhoods For Trick or Treat? ( Momimhar posted on November 1st, 2015 )

It’s Halloween again and time for Trick or Treat.  I thought it’s gonna rain last night.  It was raining hard all day Friday while my darling daughter and I were visiting my cousin Em and her girls.  We talked about her daughter AC’s upcoming birthday next week.  She’s turning 5.  Oh, how fast the years go by.  And coming next month is my dear K’s 5th birthday as well.

Anyway, yesterday was a nice day.  Though it was gloomy and chilly, it didn’t rain so we were able to do Trick or Treat last night.  I bought the candies and chocolates Friday night at Dollar General.  We’re thankful that there is a grocery store nearby where we can buy stuff we need immediately.  As per the pumpkin carving, we carved it yesterday afternoon.  K picked the pattern from the Pumpkin Carving Kit I bought for $.59 cents last year.  It’s a bat.  Last year’s Halloween pumpkin carving was Ariel of The Little Mermaid.

Big orange pumpkin.

Big orange pumpkin.

Daddy is carving the pumpkin.

Daddy is carving the pumpkin.

Candies and chocolates are ready.

Candies and chocolates are ready.

As usual, darling K was very excited to do Trick or Treat.  As soon as it got dark, we went ahead trick or treating.  It was really chilly last night so I brought our jackets with me because it was quite a long walk around our neighborhood.  After we did our trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, K wanted to go see her cousins AC and Lexi and wanted to do trick or treat at their house.  So we drove to Nevada Lakes.  Do you go to other neighborhood to Trick or Treat?  It’s the first time we did it.  We thought they weren’t home yet from an event in town but they have been home for a while and started trick or treating at the houses next block from theirs.  I heard a familiar voice echoing in the dark.  Then I knew it was them.  I let K call AC’s name.  AC answered in wonder.  Then K called her name again, running towards them.  The kids were glad to see each other.  It’s the first time they Trick or Treat together.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Una Verse and Ginormica. :)

Una Verse and Ginormica. 🙂

The buckets got heavier and the girls were tired.  ‘Twas time to go home.  We visited at Em’s for a little while then K and I went home.  The kids had fun.

How about you?  How was your Halloween Trick or Treat?

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Boo On Ballard 2015, Foam Party Pit, And Photo With Miss Texas 2015 ( Momimhar posted on October 31st, 2015 )

Ginormica costume (photo from

Ginormica costume (photo from

Alright, so my darling daughter had firmly decided that she wanted to be Ginormica or Suzan from Monsters vs. Aliens this Halloween.  I thought she would insist to be Raven from Teen Titans Go since she really liked that character in the show.  So three weeks before today, I looked for Ginormica costume online.  I knew it would be difficult to find one in the stores.  As usual, I found one on Amazon.  For the price of $9.99 with free shipping (as a Prime member), I admit that the costume was a great deal.  Even though the material of the costume is 100% polyester and seems like the quality is for a one-time wear, I still bought the costume for my daughter.  She really liked it.  She even told me that she’s gonna wear it forever.  Oh the happiness of a child is priceless.

So we went to the Boo on Ballard Street in Downtown Wylie on Thursday, October 29th, with my cousin Em and her two toddler girls, AC and Lexi.  It was a huge success and it was so much fun as usual.  Like other annual events in town, it’s always a well-attended event.  Wylie Chamber of Commerce in cooperation of the local businesses, institutions, and the general public made this a successful event for children, youth, and the grown ups.  There were lots of treats, giveaways, activities, and attractions for everyone.

Trunk or Treat

Glow in The Dark (held at the Olde Wylie Park Playground) – Foam Party Pit, Zipline, Giant Slides, Music, Games

Photo Opp with Miss America – Miss Texas 2015

Ready for Trick or Treat at Boo on Ballard.

Ready for Trick or Treat at Boo on Ballard.


a-k and cousins with Miss Texas 2015

Miss Texas 2015 taking a group photo with the girls. 🙂

Because of the very long long line of trick or treaters going counter clockwise, we didn’t finish the Trick or Treat on Ballard.  We took the girls to the Glow in The Dark at the playground.  We didn’t even see what other activities were in there because K and AC wanted to go to the Foam Party Pit.  It was 10 minutes until the event was over so we just let the two girls go.  The inflatable has a machine blowing non-toxic foam bubbles as it makes waves.  The kids were having fun diving into the bubbly foam.  Of course, they’re all wet and cold.  When the two came out of the foam pit, Lexi wanted to go but it was 8:00 P.M. and the in-charge stopped letting kids in.  K and AC had lots of fun but they got really cold.  🙂  Good thing I had a towel and a t-shirt in the trunk of my car so I lend Em the towel so she can wipe AC dry.  I let K wear the big t-shirt.

Look at that foam pit!

Look at that foam pit!

Em and me at Boo on Ballard.

Em and me at Boo on Ballard.

Princess Ariel Pumpkin Carving And Trick Or Treat ( Momimhar posted on November 4th, 2014 )

pumpkin 2014

Our carved pumpkin for Halloween 2014. Supposed to be Princess Ariel’s face. Hubby said he should have carved the eyes, nose, and the mouth first. 🙂

We still had a nice Halloween trick or treating this year.  Even though my dear husband carved the pumpkin to the last minute, I think it still looked cute. 🙂  He was complaining because it had lots of lines to trace.  Anyway, we liked it and DD said it’s pretty.

inventory-halloween 2014

As usual, DD is taking inventory of the treats she received.

I had all the candies ready by the front door and I turned on the front porch light as soon as it got dark.  My daughter wanted to wear her wolf mask instead.  We went trick or treating in our neighborhood.  I think there were 15 houses, including ours, did trick or treat this year.  Not bad, I guess.  There were only nine last year.  We gave the remaining candies to the last batch of trick or treaters from another neighborhood.  I think there were more than 10 of them on a trailer.  That was fun.


And we had a visitor. I was dogsitting this pug over the weekend. 🙂

And this doggie was our visitor.  Her name is Howler and I was dogsitting her over the weekend because her owner went on a weekend trip to California to visit a family.  Howler was on her Geisha dog Halloween costume.  🙂

Darling Daughter’s First Halloween Costume Party 2013 ( Momimhar posted on November 6th, 2013 )

I think darling daughter had a great time at the Halloween Party at a friend’s house last Friday.  This is her very first Halloween Party she attended with me.  My cousin and her kids came with us, too.  It’s a costume party so we were in our cutest Halloween costumes.  First costume DD picked to wear for the occasion was the outfit of Jewel in Lalaloopsy.  But she saw a bumble bee costume at Walmart so I bought that.  She wore that costume at the Boo!  In Ballard Halloween Event in downtown Wylie.  I thought I would incorporate our costumes together.  But I couldn’t find a lady bug costume that fits me.  So I decided to find one that will give us a theme.  I found this Dainty Pirate costume for kids size 10-12.  It fits me very well.  Then I found the Pirate Princess costume for DD at a garage sale size 3T-4T.  Perfect!


Dainty Pirate and the Pirate Princess

The party was a potluck style so everyone brought a dish to share.  I broiled whole chicken.  Others brought some brisket, garden salad, fried fish, veggies stir-fry, and variation of dessert.  Since there will be kids at the party, I volunteered to be assigned with the Halloween games for kids.  The Halloween games I got online include:  Guess What’s In The Bag, The Mummy Game, Guess How Many, and Freeze Dance.  The kids had a great time.


Yummy food at the party.


The Mummy Game


Guess What’s In the Bag

Oh we had a so much fun!  The children got really excited when my friend started the disco.  Everyone danced.


Disco time!!!

We left the party two hours before darling daughter’s bedtime so we still had lots of time doing our bedtime routine without rushing.

Halloween 2013 – Pirate Princess ( Momimhar posted on November 5th, 2013 )

Okay, so here’s the photo of our lighted carved pumpkin.  My darling daughter was so fascinated about it that she wanted to take the pumpkin to Trick or Treat.  Silly girl.  *chuckles*

As I mentioned, DD didn’t wear her Lalaloopsy costume.  I looked, found, and bought a Princess Pirate costume instead because she is also interested with pirates.  She likes watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior.  And when she saw this Princess Pirate Halloween costume, she got very excited.

We went Trick or Treat in our neighborhood Wednesday night.  My husband and I thought we’re the only household that has treats that evening because it was already past six o’clock in the evening and no one had come by yet.  So we decided to take DD for Trick or Treat at the neighbors’.  Because it’s already dark at 6:00 P.M., we took a flashlight with us so we can see where we’re going and people will see us too.  We knock at the door the first house we saw with the porch lights on.  Actually, they are our new neighbors.  The mom gave DD a couple of candies.  She said the candies were from Mexico.


DD and her cat pumpkin. She’s ready for Trick or Treat.


Excited to know how much treats she got.

As we continued, we met a couple of neighbor kids and their parents.  I learned that there’s not much houses to go for Trick or Treat.  Honestly, that’s disappointing.  Well, I thought it’s because Halloween is a weekday.  But someone told my husband that most neighbors don’t have young kids anymore.  So what?  There are trick or treaters from other neighborhoods who come for it so why not join?  Anyway, whatever reason they have, we understand.  But kids look forward to this occasion, too.

Like the usual, DD started to do some inventory of the treat she got as soon as we got home.  She was so happy to see a Halloween pencil and M&Ms in her bucket.


Candies from Mexico.


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