Kids Play Today At Home ( Momimhar posted on October 16th, 2013 )

Kids are happy to see each other today.  Kaye and her cousin Audrey are playing in our home right now wearing kids costumes.  They have been looking for each other for days.  It has been raining for few days now so my cousin and I haven’t got together for a play date.  Now they are having fun chasing each other and playing dress up.


My little bumble bee fairy. 🙂

The kids already ate some lunch so my cousin and I are finishing up the food.  While eating, we’re catching up on stuff.  I was telling her about our visit to Gymboree Play and Music last week.  My darling daughter had a great time playing for 45 minutes.  The play time was free because on their website, Gymboree Play and Music has a coupon (valid until October 31, 2013) offering a free play time for non-members.  It’s called Play and Music because Gymboree offers classes for young kids that involved pretend play, art, and music.  The level of classes is according to age range of the child.  They put my DD on the level 6 class for toddlers because she’s 2.

The schedules for Play and Music are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The nearest location in our area is at The Villages in Allen.  I picked Thursday of last week.  As soon as I told my DD that she will join in the play area, she took off her shoes immediately and ran inside the room.  That day, they were pretending to be zoo keepers.  They pretend they were feeding a lion, an elephant, a monkey, and a crocodile.   They climbed, crawled, and slid.  There’s a coordinator in the play room who guides the children thru series of activities.  They sang and danced, too.  Every activity is accompanied by music and singing.  Lots of fun playing and learning at the same time.


Going through the tunnels.


Pretending that they’re feeding the crocodile.


Going to feed the monkeys!

I told my cousin that I didn’t enroll DD to the classes because Allen is far from my house.  I just tried going there that time to see how it works and of course, it was free.  If there’s a Gymboree Play and Music location closer to our area, I will definitely consider enrolling DD.  With my child’s activities so far, I am satisfied with her social exposures.  She’s very active and she is learning a lot.  My cousin also has a coupon.  She is thinking of taking her two girls to the Play and Music on Tuesday.

I am very happy that my cousin and I live close to each other because we can get together more often and the kids can be together for play time.

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