Why Do Kids Like Halloween? ( Momimhar posted on October 16th, 2013 )

Why kids like Halloween?  Because they can dress up whatever they like and they get to go to the neighbors and and say “Trick or Treat?” then they receive treats and goodies.  I don’t know but most children enjoy this occasion.

When we were kids, my siblings and I never experienced the Halloween.  We celebrate All Souls’ Day in the Philippines where we honor the loved ones who died.  It’s a Catholic belief.  We visit their tombs and offer prayers.  And as a tradition, the families of the deceased prepare special foods (usually the favorite foods of the deceased) and place those food on the altar with candles.  Then the family offers prayers for the salvation of the souls.  I remember those times when me, my siblings, and cousins join in the gathering but the only thing we had in mind was the yummy food to eat after the prayer session.  Oh, kids.

Here in the US it’s Halloween.  And it’s exciting for the children because they can go shopping for Halloween costumes and join the “Trick or Treat”.  My darling daughter is getting excited about trick or treating.  Now that she’s almost 3 years old, she already has an understanding about wearing costumes and going to the neighbors for Trick or Treat.  She even told me what costume she would like to wear for the occasion.  She can’t wait.  🙂

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