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Moving Is A Part Of Our Lives ( Momimhar posted on October 23rd, 2013 )

I am very thankful that my dear husband and I were able to move back to his house out here in the country before I gave birth to our darling daughter three years ago.  Everything went well as planned.  The renters decided not to renew the lease because they found a rental house closer where their jobs are.  And my dear husband’s company approved his job relocation to their branch closer to where we live right now.  We were so grateful to God and to everyone who helped make our goals achieved.


You see moving is already a part of life of an average individual here in the US.  Just seeing this information above, we were included in the 2010 statistics.  Some of the reasons why people move are:

1.  They bought a new home.  Several of my friends here Texas have moved to their new houses.  Only two of them are now living out-of-State.

2.  Rented a cheaper house or apartment.  Me alone cannot afford to buy a new house.  So renting a low rate apartment or house is ideal as long as I have a stable job.

3.  Job relocation.  This is also the reason for moving.  I met a lady somewhere and she told me she’s selling some of her daughter’s clothes for cheap just to get rid of them because they’re moving to South Texas.  They were relocating due to job related matter and they don’t want to carry too much stuff.  I bought her daughter’s jeans.  🙂

4.  Looking for great opportunities.  For some reason, this is kind of a challenge to everyone.

5.  Moving back home.  We were in this situation three years ago.

Truly, moving can be a hassle.  But with keen planning and helpful moving resources, everything will be just fine.

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