Halloween 2013 – Pirate Princess ( Momimhar posted on November 5th, 2013 )

Okay, so here’s the photo of our lighted carved pumpkin.  My darling daughter was so fascinated about it that she wanted to take the pumpkin to Trick or Treat.  Silly girl.  *chuckles*

As I mentioned, DD didn’t wear her Lalaloopsy costume.  I looked, found, and bought a Princess Pirate costume instead because she is also interested with pirates.  She likes watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior.  And when she saw this Princess Pirate Halloween costume, she got very excited.

We went Trick or Treat in our neighborhood Wednesday night.  My husband and I thought we’re the only household that has treats that evening because it was already past six o’clock in the evening and no one had come by yet.  So we decided to take DD for Trick or Treat at the neighbors’.  Because it’s already dark at 6:00 P.M., we took a flashlight with us so we can see where we’re going and people will see us too.  We knock at the door the first house we saw with the porch lights on.  Actually, they are our new neighbors.  The mom gave DD a couple of candies.  She said the candies were from Mexico.


DD and her cat pumpkin. She’s ready for Trick or Treat.


Excited to know how much treats she got.

As we continued, we met a couple of neighbor kids and their parents.  I learned that there’s not much houses to go for Trick or Treat.  Honestly, that’s disappointing.  Well, I thought it’s because Halloween is a weekday.  But someone told my husband that most neighbors don’t have young kids anymore.  So what?  There are trick or treaters from other neighborhoods who come for it so why not join?  Anyway, whatever reason they have, we understand.  But kids look forward to this occasion, too.

Like the usual, DD started to do some inventory of the treat she got as soon as we got home.  She was so happy to see a Halloween pencil and M&Ms in her bucket.


Candies from Mexico.


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