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Double Celebration: Retirement and 40th Birthday Parties ( Momimhar posted on April 15th, 2023 )

Weeks ago I was invited to one of my friends’ parties. She and her daughter was celebrating a big milestone. My friend was retiring from a healthcare job and her daughter was turning 40. It was a huge double celebration that weekend. I went to attend it with my other friend. We saw old acquaintances whom we haven’t seen in a long time. Lots of catching up, lots of good food, and of course, karaoke.

We had a great time. Happy for my friend’s accomplishments and success in her profession. I wonder if I will be able to retire, too? 🙂

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Happy Birthday and Easter Sunday 2022 ( Momimhar posted on April 17th, 2022 )

Easter eggs for the house.

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! It was a busy Sunday for us here in Nevada, TX. This morning, I hurriedly scattered the Easter eggs I prepared last night in the yard for my darling daughter to hunt when she woke up. I also hid some of them around the house for her to find. K found them all in no time. 🙂

Easter eggs for the hunt.
Scattered Easter eggs on the ground.
Darling daughter hunting Easter eggs.

K wanted to do the egg hunt before we headed to her friend’s birthday party, which was held at the Rainforest Cafe at Grapevine Mills Mall. Of course, we attended the Easter Sunday service first.

The birthday celebrant chose the Rainforest to hold her birthday lunch party because it was also her favorite restaurant. We actually visited the restaurant a few times with her during planned weekend getaways with the girls. They enjoyed the rainforest ambiance as well as the selection of food in the menu. One of the most popular was the “volcano”. It’s a type of cake in the dessert menu. And if it’s ordered for the birthday celebrant, the waiter or server will come to serve the cake yelling “Volcano!”. Then the servers will sing a birthday song for the celebrant. It’s fun!

After a big meal at the Rainforest Cafe, we accompanied the girls to do some shopping in the mall. We headed home a couple of hours after.

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Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Cake and Decorations ( Momimhar posted on August 31st, 2020 )

Paw Patrol Birthday cake and decorations.
Paw Patrol Birthday Cake
Birthday cupcakes and ube lumpia.

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