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Summer Kick-off 2021 At The Recreation Center ( Momimhar posted on July 10th, 2021 )

It’s summer once again. Yay! Are you all excited? Summer vacations, beach days, dips in the pool, and lots of other summer activities for the kids and family are waiting.

We have lots of fun stuff planned this Summer Break. One of them is attending this 2021 Summer Kick-Off Party at the recreation center. It’s a drive-thru event and, luckily, we were able to get there the last minute before it was over. My darling daughter and her friends were so happy. They were given popsicles and goody bags.

After that, we went to the library to borrow some books, of course. Lots of fun summer programs for children this year. We cannot wait to join them.

Have a happy summer!

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Family Summer Beach Vacation ( Momimhar posted on July 29th, 2020 )

We had a lot of fun on our summer beach vacation this year. Darling daughter has been wanting to go to the beach so she got her wish. We went to Gulf Shores, Alabama. It’s our first time to be at the Alabama Beaches. It was a very long drive but we made to and back safe and sound.

We stopped in Slidell, Louisiana for a night because we wanted to visit dear husband’s high school. It was a good feeling to know where your significant schooled. He said a lot has changed in 38 years. We had dinner at Fatty’s Seafood Restaurant in Slidell. Their seafood platter and gumbo was really good that we were stuffed we almost couldn’t walk to the car. Haha!

Seafood Platter

K’s excited was to the roof. She had a lot of questions about the hotels, restaurants, and of course, the beach. Six days and five nights in Gulf Shores are enough for the three of us.

An hour after we checked in at the Comfort Inn in Gulf Shores, we headed towards the beach immediately. We got there before the Gulf storms so the waves are quite swelling those days. But we had a great time playing in the sand and riding the waves. There was only one day when it rained so hard and gusty winds blew the sands all over the place. The next two days were amazingly sunny. Wave boarding was a lot of fun. There were many people on the beach but we maintained distanced from one another. Everything was fine.

Beach and sand Gulf Shores, Alabama
Fun in the sun, fun in the sand. Alabama Beaches.
Wave boarding.

Summer Beach Vacation 2020 ( Momimhar posted on July 24th, 2020 )

It’s finally here! Our summer beach vacation has come. Woohoo! Darling daughter is super excited about this. She wanted to have a summer vacation at the beach so we are going to the Gulf Coasts tomorrow. It is going to a long drive. Dear husband says it’s about 10-12 hours drive to Alabama.

We didn’t have a great beach vacation in the Philippines two years ago because we went early in July and it was rainy the first week we got there, which was supposed to be our beach week (sigh).

So, we thought we’re going to the beach this year! Alabama beaches here we are coming! 🙂

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