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Kids’ Safety In the Pool ( Momimhar posted on June 23rd, 2013 )

We had fun time yesterday at the pool with DD’s aunt and uncle.  Well, only the three got into the water because I wasn’t feeling good yesterday.  Besides swimming, my Darling Daughter (DD) liked playing with the beach ball.  For some reason, I did not think of taking toddler floaties with us.  My little girl could have swam, floated, and splashed the water by herself.

Speaking of swimming, I am thinking of enrolling my little girl to a swimming lesson again this year to keep her swimming interest going.  She did a good job last year even though she would not want to let go of either me or daddy when it was time for us to start the routine.

Today, I noticed when they were in the pool, DD still hangs on to them.  I knew she wanted to stand at the bottom but the depth is 3 to 4 feet.  That is why she clings to us because she is afraid sink.  ‘Glad that the nephew stopped by and brought a swimming vest with floaties attached to it.  It is very important for young children to wear floaties or life vest while swimming in the pool.  And grown up supervision is highly advisable to kids’ safety in the water.  My daughter didn’t like the vest though.  She wasn’t comfortable wearing it.  Maybe because she couldn’t swim and splash properly.  But her aunt and uncle kept her company in the pool.  That’s the sweetest thing.

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