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The Good Life Of Today Is Inspired By The Struggles From The Past ( Momimhar posted on June 3rd, 2013 )

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Part of growing up is being exposed to challenges.  But I had a happy childhood.  I can say that I had enjoyed being a typical child playing with friends on the streets, sleepovers, and field trips with no worries nor fear.  Aside from that, I had grabbed the opportunities be able to be one of the active students in my school.  I am proud to say that I was always in the Honor Roll.  But the events in my life were not always exciting.  There's ups and downs, too.

When we were kids, we do not think of what's gonna happen tomorrow.  All we can think of is the fun things to come the next day.  But as we get older and our minds get matured, we realize that things are getting different.  Especially when an avoidable circumstance or an unexpected situation arrives.  I just wish that we have learned about Allstate Good Life then.

Me and my family has been through difficult times.  One of them was when my family and I moved from the province to the big city.  That was when my father's brother asked him to move because he promised that he will help my father find a good job in the city.  My father believed that his brother will help him.  But all of a sudden, my uncle forgot his promise.  So our life became miserable in the big city.  We moved from here to there – no permanent home…no vehicle.  Me and my younger sister's health was challenged.  I can probably say that our family was very poor before.  It's a shame that the person who is supposed to be guiding us towards finding and living a good life had forgotten us.  But with the help of strong perseverance, my father found a job that gave him the capacity to find a home for us.  My mother also found part time job in a garment factory.  These came in good timing when my sister and I were starting school.  I still remember those times.  What I was grateful for is that, in difficult times, my family is intact.  Nobody gave up.  We're always together. 

In good times or in hard times, I am thankful for the blessings we receive every day.  The good life we are living right now is inspired by the hardships we have been through from the past.  I know that life is not always smooth but if we take away our fears, we can face whatever challenge life brings.  Hope is a gift from heaven so we should not let our cups run empty.  Prayers always work.

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