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Toy Hunt: Laugh, Learn, Bounce & Spin Pony ( Momimhar posted on June 28th, 2013 )

Just a few weeks ago my cousin and I were into garage sale shopping.  There are online garage sale group on Facebook around our area where members put their unused and unwanted household items for sale for other members to buy.  Actually, our friend and neighbor had told me about this online garage sale and she asked me if I am interested of joining since she knew I love shopping especially for kid’s items and home goods.  And because my cousin has already joined the online garage sale group on Facebook, I also asked to join and got approved by the administrator.

Surely, there are tons of for sale items from members.  What I looked for first was toddler toys.  I saw this pre-owned Fisher Price Laugh, Learn, Bounce & Spin Pony for sale by one of the members of the group.  I checked on the Internet how much the toy would cost if I buy new.  The regular price is over $90 brand new.  The owner was asking $30 for the pony.  I asked if I can get it for $20, and she agreed.  Now my darling daughter enjoys playing with the pony.  It comes with a small controller to be attached to the television and we can select an interactive game.  Sometimes she just have fun bouncing and spinning on the pony.  She tells me she’s a cowgirl.


I kinda enjoy this online garage sale shopping.  When an items are sold, they have to be porch pick up (PPU) or sellers and buyers will have to meet up somewhere convenient.  Everything should be agreed upon pick up.  My cousin had a few bought items and pick ups.  Anyway, I hope that I am saving money on this online garage sale shopping because I see lots of  stuff that I want and they’re in excellent condition and good deals as well.  But I haven’t commit on buying yet.  I have to think really hard about it.

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