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Looking For A New Dining Set For Bro And His Family ( Momimhar posted on June 27th, 2013 )

Just recently, my brother and his family moved out of my parents place.  They are now living closer to the big city where we stayed for a couple of weeks during our holiday vacation.  My parents helped them move their stuff because nobody can afford hiring a moving trailer.  In addition to that, my sister-in-law just had a baby so my brother needs the money he can save.

They had lots of stuff but what’s missing right now is a new dining furniture.  My dad let them have the three extra plastic chairs and a small folding table.  My brother said that he will bring them back as soon as he gets a new table and dining chairs.

As of now, my mom is helping them look for new dining furniture set.  There are sodiningset many to look at in the store.  My mom is very fascinated with shopping and she always say she liked what she saw.  I told her that she is not shopping furniture for our house but for my brother’s.  We are also surfing online for a dining table and chairs online.  We are looking for affordable furniture product that will serve the family for a long period of time.  So far, Top Furniture store has the ideal dining set that my brother and his wife like.  Hopefully they can pick the set they really want very soon.

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