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Swimming Lessons Level 2: Water Movement ( Momimhar posted on July 20th, 2017 )

Swimming lessons at YMCA.

This week is my darling daughter’s second level of swimming lessons.  The class is introduced to water movements.  The first level swimming class was about water acclimation where the students were taught to feel confident in the water so they won’t be scared whatsoever. Level 2 is about water movement.  Students are taught about recommended and proper water movement in swimming. Also, breathing techniques are introduced as well as proper floating and to get off the water by themselves.

K was joined with my friend’s daughter Ari because my cousins’ are on vacation.  The instructor teaches the students in the 5-feet deep water then takes them to the 8-feet deep water for the jumps.

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Setting Up The Pool ( Momimhar posted on April 7th, 2016 )


As warm weather approaches, you might begin to think about ways to keep the kids busy when they’re out of school or ways for the family to spend time together. A pool is the ideal type of entertainment, and you can often find pools that are easy to install and set up in the yard. If you’re looking for ways to save money, then consider wholesale pool pumps and filters. These are sometimes sold in multiples, so it’s best to find someone else who is going to set up a pool so that you can get the best deal possible by splitting the cost of the supplies.

Before you set up a pool, you need to find out if there are any limitations on the size, especially if you live in the city. Your local zoning office can give you the details that you need when it comes to where you can put your pool and if you need to stay within any restraints when it comes to the size or design.

Think about the depth of the pool. Your filter and pump will usually work depending on the amount of water that is in the pool, so if you find something that is a larger size, then your equipment might work overtime compared to getting something a little smaller. You also need to think about children and the depth of the water that will be safe for them.

Find a proper location in the yard for the pool. Make sure it’s flat, and place a plastic tarp under the pool so that there aren’t any sticks of debris that could puncture the lining. An idea is to clear off the area and add sand before placing the tarp. Avoid putting the pool under a tree as you don’t want leaves in the water. When the pool is in place, you can begin filling it with water. After the pool is filled with water, add all of the chemicals that are needed. You can also take this time to add any decorative details as well as the ladder and pump. All of this needs to be in place about 24 to 48 hours before you begin swimming in the water.

Labor Day Weekend Pool Party ( Momimhar posted on September 7th, 2015 )

Playing volleyball in the pool.

Playing volleyball in the pool.

Yay for September!  Is summer over yet?  Nope.  It’s still in the 90s here in Texas.  Today was 97 F the highest here in Lavon.

It’s Labor Day.  One of the official holidays here in the USA.  Me and my family are just hanging out at home.  Three-day weekend, baby!  While my dear husband is grilling some chicken, pork, and sausages, I am relaxing on the couch while our darling daughter was busy playing with her My Little Pony characters.  That’s what we love on a summer holiday-barbecue.

I don’t feel like doing much today.  I am tired from the long drive last night.  My friend invited us to her husband’s birthday party in Fort Worth yesterday.  It was a double celebration, actually.  Labor Day and birthday party.  Most of our friends were there.  I met new ones, too.  It was nice because I met a girl from a neighboring town from mine in the island where I came from (Leyte, Philippines).  What a small world indeed.  Anyway, we had so much fun playing volleyball in the swimming pool.  My daughter and I arrived at my friend’s house around 1:00 P.M. I still had the time to make some spaghetti.

The party was well-organized and we had lots of fun.  My darling daughter enjoyed swimming with her little friend Toby.  And she met a new friend too named Beverly.  Tip:  If you are attending a pool party and you are bringing kids with you, be sure you have life jackets or life preservers ready.  And a sunscreen lotion or spray should be handy as well.

My daughter and I got home close to midnight last night.  So I am still tired, and sleepy.  Have a wonderful Labor Day, everyone!  Enjoy!


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Summertime, Pool Time ( Momimhar posted on June 21st, 2014 )

What a great day to start the first day of summer.  My brother-in-law and his wife invited us last week for a swimming party this afternoon.  My little one was very excited to know that she will go swimming again at Uncle G’s neighborhood pool. Nana hasn’t gone home yet and she went with us to the pool.  After she came over at our house for a visit, she went ahead and visit her son and daughter-in-law, too.

We all went to the play park first to let darling daughter play for a little while before going to the pool.  DD had fun climbing up the bars to the big slide.  She and uncle Gerald were buddies at the playground.  It was an overcast day and quite breezy and humid.  This kind of weather seemed to be the most critical in getting a sunburn.  So we put on enough sunscreen on DD and on us too.  Sunscreen is very important to carry wherever we go because the heat of the sun in the summer days is intense.  Especially when we are at the beach, swimming pools, or splash parks.  I always remind DD not to forget to put on sunscreen.  She actually knows where we keep the sun-protection product in the house.

plane in overcast sky

It is always great to have family get-together once in a while.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  A simple party is more fun especially in summer.  Swimming party is also a good idea.

We all had our swimwear on and when we arrived at the pool, darling daughter couldn’t wait to get into the water.  She didn’t like wearing the float at first.  With pure patience and lots motivation from uncle G and daddy, she eventually wore the floats and swim vest.  She realized that she can have more fun with floats on because she wasn’t sinking.  At the pool it is always recommended to put floaties on small children especially on toddlers.

Putting on the floaties.

Putting on the floaties.

When DD had her floaties on, she and uncle G got into the water.  Daddy got into the pool second.  I was very anxious to get in the pool.  So I jumped into the water to be able to, at least, resist the coldness.  🙂  After a little while, the water felt so good.  We swam and played in the pool for a couple of hours or so until it was time for dinner.

Kids’ Safety In the Pool ( Momimhar posted on June 23rd, 2013 )

We had fun time yesterday at the pool with DD’s aunt and uncle.  Well, only the three got into the water because I wasn’t feeling good yesterday.  Besides swimming, my Darling Daughter (DD) liked playing with the beach ball.  For some reason, I did not think of taking toddler floaties with us.  My little girl could have swam, floated, and splashed the water by herself.

Speaking of swimming, I am thinking of enrolling my little girl to a swimming lesson again this year to keep her swimming interest going.  She did a good job last year even though she would not want to let go of either me or daddy when it was time for us to start the routine.

Today, I noticed when they were in the pool, DD still hangs on to them.  I knew she wanted to stand at the bottom but the depth is 3 to 4 feet.  That is why she clings to us because she is afraid sink.  ‘Glad that the nephew stopped by and brought a swimming vest with floaties attached to it.  It is very important for young children to wear floaties or life vest while swimming in the pool.  And grown up supervision is highly advisable to kids’ safety in the water.  My daughter didn’t like the vest though.  She wasn’t comfortable wearing it.  Maybe because she couldn’t swim and splash properly.  But her aunt and uncle kept her company in the pool.  That’s the sweetest thing.

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