Having Great Fun At The Birthday Party ( Momimhar posted on February 16th, 2013 )

My little girl and I attended another kid’s birthday party in Garland.  My friend’s daughter turned 8 today.  It was a very big party.  I saw my girl friends and met new Filipino friends there as well.  The kids had fun, as usual, at the party.  The older kids played mostly at the Bouncy Bounce in the garage.  They didn’t mind the chilliness outside.  Of course, they are kids!  They had great fun you can imagine.  😀


In this photo, the kids are jumping and screaming…in short, having lots of fun!


I asked my little girl if she wanted to go in the bouncy bounce. She said no because the kids were loud. And the noise from the air blower was loud too. “It’s for big kids.”, she said.


Kaye and the birthday girl.


She saw lots and lots of toys! She didn’t which to pick and play first. 🙂


There goes Kaye to the Princess Castle kitchen. Iyahay lang mga bata ug duwa. “I’ll make them dinner.”, she said. 

My friend does a great job hosting a big party.  Like my other Filipino friends, she is good in cooking.  I wish I had good cooking skills like them.  Anyway, kids’ parties are fun!  I feel happy knowing that my little princess is enjoying, too.

Thanks to J for inviting us.  The food was great.  As always, it’s a very successful birthday party.  Kaye says “Thank you!” for the goodies, too.


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