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Na-na’s Delicious Birthday Cake ( Momimhar posted on February 24th, 2013 )

We went to visit the parents-in-law this weekend.  It’s to celebrate grandma’s birthday.  My darling daughter loves her Na-na and she gets so excited whenever we tell her that we are going to visit them.  She always having a great time with Na-na and Paw-paw.

Because it is grandma’s special celebration weekend, everyone came over to join the occasion.

It is always nice to see kids having fun playing together.  My little princess enjoys being with other kids.  She is very friendly and curious.  At 2, she can speak clearly.  So she is, I can say, advanced in her speech development.  She is kind of dominating sometimes.  🙂  And oh, she remembers names.  She and her cousins enjoyed playing in the backyard yesterday.  It was a very pleasant day though the breeze was cool, they didn’t care.


What a pleasant day for play.

out in the backyard

Playing in the backyard.

a great day today

She asked her cousin, “What are you doing?”

When it got really cold outside, we called the kids for dinner.  We sang the “Happy Birthday” song to Na-na.  Everyone loved the food and especially the birthday cake.  Delicious!!!  We love birthdays.  And we love it when families get together.

birthday cake

The very scrumptious birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Na-na!  We love you and may God bless you with more birthdays to come.

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