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Effective Children’s Cough Syrup ( Momimhar posted on February 12th, 2013 )

Oh dear!  My darling daughter has cough and colds.  She suddenly caught them over the weekend.  Her temperature was a little elevated and she had runny nose.  I know how uncomfortable it is to have cough and colds.

Because toddlers don’t know how to spit yet when they cough, all we parents can do is to keep giving them liquids (mostly water) to help loosen the mucus.  But they already know to blow their noses so it eases a bit.

The cough syrup we bought from the vacation ran out so we went to Walmart and bought a new one.  I looked in the cough and colds isle for the children’s cough syrup for kids 2 years old.  But the brand that I like was out of stock.  So I got Zarbee’s Cough syrup with honey recommended for kids 2 years old.  It seems to be helping with loosening of the phlegm.  Honey has a natural medicinal effect and healing property.  So I am confident that my darling daughter’s cough and colds won’t last long.  Right now, she is not running a fever but I keep monitoring her temperature.  The coughing has slowed down and her nose is not clogged anymore.  The aroma of the Eucalyptus oil helped soothe her breathing at night when she sleeps.

I slept in her bedroom for three nights now.  Taking care of my child especially when she is sick is my priority.  I hope she’ll feel better very soon.  We’ll have a busy weekend ahead.

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