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The Puppet Show Today ( Momimhar posted on February 22nd, 2013 )

Today is one of those special day for my darling daughter.  We were informed last Friday at Toddler Story Time that there will be a Puppet Show today.  Yay!  Of course, my little girl was very excited.  She kept on mentioning about the Puppet Show.  See, activities like story time gives our kids the opportunity to enhance their social skills and get them interested with books.  It is also one of the ways to entertain them while learning.

Because I am having a hard time waking up early in the morning, I tried my best to sleep earlier than usual last night. There are lots of things to do.  As a full time mom, managing my time is difficult sometimes.  Gladly I was able to wake up at nine o’clock this morning – with the help of my cellphone’s alarm clock.  I thought my little princess will get up late but she woke up just in time for breakfast.  That’s good because we like waking up slow in the morning.

I drove the car faster than I should just to make sure that we make it to the library earlier before the story time starts so we can get tickets.  The library has this ‘No Tickets, No Entrance’ system in all story time session’s capacity in the room is limited.  Often times there’s no more tickets left for us.  But not today.  We’re very happy to get tickets!

After the Toddler Time program, the Puppet Show came next.  The story presented at the show was The Cat Came Back.  When it was over my darling said, “More?.”

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