Winner Of A Charm It! And Golden Records CD ( Momimhar posted on September 29th, 2012 )

Yay, winner!  I joined two contests recently.  First was a photo contest for my daughter on Facebook.  It was sponsored by Charm It!  Participants were asked to submit a photo of our kids with their favorite animals.  Here’s the photo I submitted.

Saying hi to the puppy 🙂

Though the photo did not grab the grand prize which is the Charm It! bracelet, it was chosen to win one of the consolation charms.  It’s really cute!

Charm It! contest winner.

Second contest was a Golden Records CD giveaway at one of my friend’s blog, It’s My Party (And I’ll Cry If I Want to…).  The grand prize is a Golden Records: The Magic Continues – Celebrity Series vol. 1 CD.  I am very happy to get her email saying I won the contest.  The CD contains classic children songs like Pop Goes The Weasel and stories like Cinderella.  This is a great addition to my daughter’s kids music CD collection.  We are listening to it together and she liked it.  Listening to children’s music like this helps toddlers enhance their comprehension and speech.

I won this Golden Records Vol. 1 CD

My daughter dances to lively songs in the CD and she also sings along to the familiar songs.  It’s really fun!

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