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Great Adventure Coming In December ( Momimhar posted on September 25th, 2012 )

After lots of talks and brainstorming, my dear husband and I finalized our travel plans this year.  In December, we are going for a long vacation to the Philippines.  This is going to be our first time to spend the Holidays with my family.  And they will be meeting our darling daughter for the very first time in person.  In addition, we are going to meet my husband’s two sponsored children – one in Manila and one in Bicol.

My husband has been sponsoring these two children through Children International (Children.org) for over ten years now.  He hasn’t met them in person until we went on a vacation back home in 2009.  Actually, we only met the child who lives in Manila.  We thought that on our next vacation, we will visit and meet the child in Bicol.  So part of our itinerary this December is to visit the sponsored child who is in Bicol.

The big difference in our upcoming travel this time is that we have DD.  We are traveling with a toddler.  Will it be easy or not?  Some of my friends how flew international with very young kids said it is tiring to travel with kids.  Others said it’s not that bad.  I just hope everything will be fine.  We are excited about this vacation.  🙂

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