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Shipping The Package This Week ( Momimhar posted on September 9th, 2012 )

I am shipping the package this week.  I have been busy with shopping and buying holiday gifts for my family and friends back home in the Philippines.  My husband and I together with our toddler will go on a vacation in December.  This will be our first Holiday vacation in four years.  I am very excited and yet a little worried because we will be traveling with baby.  It will her very first time traveling international.

There is a flying with a toddler checklist that I have to check out so my husband and I will be very prepared in the trip.  Also I am currently searching the Internet for tips and advice from other parents who have had experienced traveling abroad with a toddler.  Still have LOTS of things to do such as domestic flights booking and baggage preparation.  I am looking forward to complete or accomplish about 70 percent of packing before Thanksgiving Day.

For the meantime, I am fixing the package ready.  The cargo staff will pick this up this coming Thursday at noon.  Pretty sure it will be full and sealed/taped by then.  Another batch of holiday gifts on the way. The kids excited now knowing that it’s coming.

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