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Toddlers Get Bored Too ( Momimhar posted on September 7th, 2012 )

It’s another beautiful day.  My daughter and I went for a walk outside, well, I did  the walking while she was riding her red coup.  After a good trip around the neighborhood circle, we hung out in the front yard for a while.

She liked riding on the swing.  It’s one of her favorite.  She knows when to get off if she doesn’t like riding anymore.  My daughter also likes exploring the garden.  Some of the activities she enjoys doing are picking flowers, chasing butterflies, picking up sticks and stones, and climbing up and down the lawn mower.

Kids this age (toddler), already get bored.  There was one time I saw my daughter ran towards the door reaching the knob.  She grabbed my hand as she points to the door saying “Let’s walk.”  As a parent, I want my child to enjoy the outdoors even at a young age.  She sees lots of things and because she is curious, I try my best to let her understand the thing she sees and touches.  It is amazing that the next day we go outside, she remembers them.

As a safety measure, I keep my eyes on her.  And if we are in the garage, all the dangerous tools are out of reach.  All the chemicals (insecticides, etc.) are kept in a place where she cannot reach them.  When she plays with garden soil and such, I wash her hands or better give her a bath after.

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