Being Social Has Benefits ( Momimhar posted on November 18th, 2012 )

Being social has benefits.  We gain new friends and retain the good old ones.  As mothers, it is important for us to go out and  get social sometimes.  This way, we forget the stress and frustrations a mom deals with in every day life at home and at work.  Being with other moms is fun.  Sharing parenting experiences and giving advice benefits one another.

For work-at-home moms like me, our social life is somewhat limited because we are busy attending to our family’s needs and work at home.  Going out with friends or attending parties sometimes has to be squeezed in the schedule.  But we can still get in touch with friends thru social networks.  Updates on day-to-day living are easy to share with Twitter and other social networks.  Scheduling girls day out to have a break for a while is just a click away.

And if you are a busy businesswoman and mom, social network like Twitter can help your business get attention.  All you have to do is set up a quality product website for your business and do Internet marketing and social networks are a big help.  Twitter, for example, allows users to broadcast their updates.  It can also be used to market products and services.  Of course, there is an investment in marketing.  To Buy Tweets is one.

Above all these, I can say that social life is very important not only for working moms but also for stay-at-home and work-at-home moms like me.

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13 responses

  1. I am more of an online social kind of gal, I love interacting with people online.

  2. And if you are a busy businesswoman and mom, social network like Twitter can help your business get attention. Yes I agree like Twitter helps me grow my business.

  3. jheylo says:

    many people these days are too busy to mingle with their real friends and to keep them occupied and be socially inclined despite of their busy schedule, they find virtual friends are more convenient when it comes to social schedule

  4. Joy H says:

    i agree! This is something we all need! Life here in US sometimes makes us so unsociable therefore FB and twitter has been created due to these problem. thank goodness we can able to get along with others right at the comfort of your own home.

  5. tatess says:

    I don’t social in a real world. I would rather stay home with my family and internet is the continuation of my life.this is my social life.

  6. Gven-Rose says:

    the downside of being social is you tend to stay long socializing and neglect blogging job.. I sometimes do that..hahahaha..facebook addict

  7. Dhemz says:

    I have to agree with Rose…me too! I used to be outgoing and sociable but not I prefer to be sociable online…lol!

  8. I am happy that though I have not meet my most online friends, they cheer me up and give me advices 🙂

  9. Pinay Mama says:

    A social life is really what I need in my life. 🙂 Since I got my own child, I seldom go out and meet my friends. I can only talk to them through Facebook and we only see each other like twice in a year.

  10. Gene says:

    Social life is important for a mom. It relaxes you even with simple chikahan over facebook, twitter or even sms.

  11. I like being online since I can connect with friends and being a member of any social media is useful…

  12. Rossel says:

    Being a stay-at-home Mom doesn’t mean we have to be confined in the house. Yes, we can meet new friends and get in touch with our old friends through social networking sites but we also need to go out with some friends once in a while.

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