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Why Kids Throw A Fit? ( Momimhar posted on December 20th, 2012 )

When I was very young, hearing a young kid crying because of tantrums irritate the heck out of me.  I did not understand why kids have to throw really bad fits.  My niece and nephews were the same way when they were toddlers.  Same as me and my siblings when we were little.  That is why we got spanking or pinching when we do that and when we won’t listen to their parents’ comforting us.  Thoughts came running around inside my mind.  Are they spoiled?  Or just getting a lot of attention?

I am a parent now and things like these still get into my nerves.  I totally become a freak like I want to throw something to break.  My daughter just turned 2.  They say that a kids get more and more sensitive to frustration at this age.  That is why terrible two’s comes in the scene.  Well, I guess they are right.  My toddler throws a wild fit.  It frustrates me too because I lose my patience sometimes.  I try to stay cool and calm as long as possible.  What’s difficult is when she does that in public.  When I try to talk to her even in a soft voice, she screams and cry the loudest.  As a first time mom, I don’t know what to do to calm her down.  So I just let her cry and cry.  It makes me feel unhappy.

But why do toddlers throw a fit?

Mainly because their wants are unattended.  Young children are persistent.  They try to be manipulative to get what they want even though they have lots at home.  Example:  toys.

So, what to do?

Well, it’s really complicated because if you got caught in the middle of something in public, you will feel irritable too.  But listening to your toddler is the key to lessen the tension.  Playing deaf won’t help because the situation will just get worse.  Listen, talk, and explain why and why not.  They have to learn that they don’t get everything they want.  Don’t forget to give your child a sweet hug.

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Throwing Fits ( Momimhar posted on December 20th, 2012 )

I think my little princess did great through the whole flight from Texas to South Korea.  That was a 14-hour flight and she did not throw a single fit.  She just played with stickers, watch Cinderella movie, read a storybook, and slept.

But when we have already landed in Manila, she began being irritable we were getting off the plane.  We woke her up in the middle of her sleep and she didn’t like it.  But we had to.  At the airport, she was miserable.  She was throwing a fit, crying out loud, and wiggling – trying to get out of the stroller.  The crowd, the line, and the noise at the airport added to her irritability.  My husband and I was feeling frustrated already waiting at the baggage claim area to get our stuff.  The whining did not stop until we’re out of the airport.  When the hotel shuttle picked us up, my darling daughter stopped crying.  We can tell that she was tired and sleepy.

The hotel bed looked very inviting.  We couldn’t wait to lay down and sleep.  But we had to get cleaned up and eat something.  As soon as we’re done, we snuggled and went to sleep in no time.  We got up at about noon the next day.  Ah,  traveling with a toddler is sometimes frustrating.


Stay In The Fashion By Using Best Replica Rolex ( Momimhar posted on December 20th, 2012 )

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