Requesting Kids’ Meal On Board Is A Nice Thing To Do ( Momimhar posted on December 15th, 2012 )

We were at the DFW airport Sunday morning, boarded the Korean Air flight bound to Manila, Philippines.  My darling daughter was very curious with what’s around her.  She was asking a lot of questions the night of December 8 when we were heading to my brother-in-law’s house to have him take us to the hotel nearby the airport.

We brought lots of snacks for her to nibble – Cheerios, crackers, and dried fruits.  I also put a sippy cup with water in my handbag just in case she wanted something to drink.  She did good waking up very early the morning we’re heading to the airport.  Though she did not eat breakfast, I gave her a chocolate milk drink.

After checking in our baggage at the Korean Air counter in Terminal D, we went ahead to the security check and entered the passenger lounge at Gate 18.  We bought a cheap stroller so Kaye can sit and relax while we’re strolling around waiting for boarding.  In a stroller, she’s safe in the airport.


When my husband booked for tickets, he requested special kid’s meal for our daughter.  He picked spaghetti, pizza, and omelet.  Same meals requested for the flight back to Texas.  Our departure was at eleven o’clock in the morning Sunday, lunch was served on the plane and our little girl was given a spaghetti meal.

I think requesting a  special kids’ meal is a nice thing to do when traveling with a child.  But don’t forget to ask the airline what meals are available.

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