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It’s Cousin Ah-bee’s Birthday ( Momimhar posted on November 5th, 2012 )

It was cousin A’s 2nd birthday yesterday.  Her mom did not throw a big party this year because there was no enough time to prepare and stuff.  Besides, having a newborn and taking care of the family at the same time is not very easy.  I was able and about to help but did not because I became very busy with family matters.

Anyway, it still was a nice birthday party for cousin A.  Some friends with toddlers came and the kids had a great time playing together.  When it was time for cousin A to blow the candle on her cake, the kids got very excited that they wanted to blow the candle too.  My little girl wanted to touch the flame.  My goodness! 😀  So funny.  Her mom helped cousin A on blowing the candle.  And when the flame was out, A was looking for it saying “Where’s the candle?”  Then we had to repeat the process.  Hahaha!

As my little girl and a toddler boy were playing in cousin A’s bedroom, the boy’s mom came in to check on them.  She was surprised how my little girl talks really good.  She told me that my little girl just told her “Look.  Here’s Ah-bee’s toys.”  She said her boy, who is about 6 months older than mine, is not quite talking to her like that yet.  Well, there are such things like advance talkers.  My daughter started to utter words when she was a year old.  Then my husband and I were surprised one evening when she uttered a five-word sentence when she as about 18 months old.  I told my friend that her son might begin talking more very soon.

Everyone had a good time at the party.  And who’s birthday is coming up next?  My darling K’s.

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Expecting A New Addition To The Family ( Momimhar posted on November 5th, 2012 )

We are expecting a new addition to the family because my sister-in-law is pregnant and she’s due early next month.  We are excited to see the new baby.  Her eldest child is 5 years old now.  She did not mention about the baby’s gender but I am hoping it’s a girl.

I remember when I was in the third trimester of pregnancy and four weeks close to my due date.  The doctor advised me to limit my traveling because labor is just right around the corner.  And then I packed my hospital bag ready for the upcoming delivery.  It is really a big help when the hospital bag is ready because when labor comes, the husband or a family can grab it anytime.

Here’s what I brought with me (things available at that time and I really needed):

For Baby

1.  A Going-home outfit

2.  Receiving blanket

3.  Car seat

4.  Ready-to-feed milk if your breast milk supply is low

For Labor, Delivery, and After Delivery

1.  Documents like ID, insurance ID, hospital paperwork

2.  Toiletries and personal items like shampoo, soap, makeup, lip balm, comb, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant…

3.  Robe, socks, slippers

4.  A Going-home outfit

5.  Underwear

6.  Reading material like pregnancy guide book

For Husband

1.  Extra shirt and jeans

2.  Underwear

3.  Socks

4.  Toiletries

5.  Camera, batteries, and charger

6.  Cellphone and charger

7.  Snacks

8.  Money

We brought the listed necessities above according to what my husband and I really needed.  Of course, I based this on Babycenter.com’s packing list for the hospital or birth center.  I can say that it’s a helpful guide.

I am praying for my sister-in-law’s safe and successful delivery.  I hope she’ll have a very easy and short labor.

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Living A Happy And Healthy Lifestyle Is Simply The Best ( Momimhar posted on November 5th, 2012 )

I believe that home is where the heart is.  Wherever you may be in the world, you always want to go back to where you came from.  And when  you find a comfortable place to call home, you don’t want to go anywhere else  but to stay and enjoy the serenity of the new environment.  The family benefits a lot living in a good and peaceful community.  Good social relationship with the neighbors is a thing that you will not exchange for anything.  Like everyone else, you would like to live in a community where you can access all the amenities that fits your family’s lifestyle.  In addition, high rating education system is a very significant factor when looking for a place to live.

Family comes first, in my opinion.  I want them to be safe and secured as well as living comfortably.  I want my kids to enjoy childhood as much as I did.  Being around good people has a big contribution in their social skills growing up.  Parents are happy to see their kids appreciating a simple lifestyle with confidence.

Looking for a home is not as easy as we think especially if we already have a family.  Besides the affordability, we also look for a nice neighborhood.  Sometimes it is hard to find.  But with www.cullasajaclub.org, living in the country is always a beautiful choice.  The serenity of nature in addition to the peaceful environment makes a family live happily together.  Living in the Highlands is ideal for those who enjoy sports like golfing and tennis.  If joining in a fitness club is one of your family’s activity, then you can do so in the Highlands.

Nothing can get in the way with a family that lives happily together.  Living a healthy lifestyle in an ideal place is simply the best.

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