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Nothing Looks Better Than A Tidy Home ( Momimhar posted on November 6th, 2012 )

One of the important rules we implement in our home is to maintain the cleanliness and organization.  If the house is clean and free of clutters, safety is in the way.  Minor accident like tripping can be prevented if we are very tidy and safety conscious especially if we have kids at home.  Kids under 5 years of age are prone to this.  But if we are very careful and aware, safety hazards can be avoided.

First thing to consider in tidying up is the cables and wires of our electronics.  Examples are television and computer power chords, extension wires, and other loose cables around the house.  We put outlet covers on power plugs but sometimes we do not consider organizing the cables hanging around.  To keep these cables in place, it is ideal to use cableslaps around them. These are adjustable items that wraps around cables and power chords without hassle.

We have a home theater system.  The speaker wires are everywhere behind the television set.  Before I know it, my little girl will be grabbing those wires and speakers out on the carpet.  She tugs them sometimes.  It is very stressful.  So these cableslaps are the answer to keep those wires in place.  My daughter will not care to get behind the television if there are no cables and wires to see under the stand.

These things can help organize the power chords and cables in our computer room too.  My husband has lots of stuff in there.  My eyes hurt seeing those cables crisscrossing under the computer table.  It is dangerous because they are electrical objects.  He will probably get rid of those unused cables and put them away.

Nothing looks better than a tidy home.  And if you like to try, cableslaps are available at http://www.cableslaps.com with variation of colors to fit your preference.

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