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Baptism For Our Little Girl ( Momimhar posted on November 16th, 2012 )

After she was born, my husband and I haven’t talked much about having our daughter baptized until a week ago.  We somewhat disagree on something.  He didn’t like the idea of the sitting arrangement at my church in worship services.  And we both do not want her to be baptized in the other church either.

So just recently I told him we should schedule a baptism for our little girl before she turns 2.  I was very firm about it.  He agreed with me he asked his parents if they will be able to come over on Sunday for Kaye’s baptism.  Gladly we were able to get two sponsors.

I don’t need to buy a new dress for Kaye because she received a formal dress from a friend on her 1st birthday last year.  What’s great about it is that the color just suits for the occasion.  For the shoes, I already bought a pair of Stride Rite Mary Jane shoes.

I am happy that, finally, Kaye will have her baptism this coming Sunday.

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