Baby Shower Party Of Purple And Pink ( Momimhar posted on November 17th, 2012 )

It’s a pleasant day to day for a party.  My friends and I have thrown a surprise Baby Shower Party to our expectant mom friend.  As you know my friends love throwing parties especially for our preggy friends.  The color theme this time is pink and purple.  All the party decor are in shades of pink and purple.  Our outfit has to be in either color.  I thought the color theme is cute.  The hosts worked really hard for this party.  You can see at the photos below how beautiful it was.

The table of goodies and other treats.

The centerpiece


The Baby Shower party is not complete without a yummy cake.

The balloon arrangement by a talented friend.

The mom-to-be and the upcoming baby are showered with love with these gifts.

Pink and Purple Poms

The giveaways

The pink teddy bank

The surprised mommy. Aww…

I won two games, so here’s my prize. 🙂

Tie it with a bow or Measure the belly game

Blow and Pop the balloon game

Nope, I’m not pregnant. It’s a balloon in my jacket. 🙂

As usual, everyone had a wonderful time at the party this afternoon.  There were great games and I was one of the winners.  ‘Love the girls.

Congratulations to RG and hubby.  We can’t wait to see your new baby.

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