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Friends And Moms Get-Together Picnic ( Momimhar posted on June 1st, 2013 )

Again, my girl friends and I had a Moms Picnic and get-together at the park this afternoon.  It was a Hawaiian Theme picnic we dressed up in a flowery and colorful outfit.  It was my first time to be in this park although it’s only 15 minutes drive from my house.  There is a splash area for kids to play and get wet on.  There is also a small pond a little bit down hill so feeding ducks is possible.  Bike trails are also available for those who enjoy biking in the area.  My friend also said that several concerts are held in the park occasionally.

I got there a little late because I almost forgot about food that I have to bring and share with everybody.  I baked chicken breast with mixed vegetables in garlic herb mix.  I did not bring DD with me because she was already napping when I was getting ready.

As usual,  when mommies get together, there are lots of food to eat.  After the early dinner, we started a few games for the kids and us, too.  It was really fun because after the young ones splashed and ran their bikes, they got to play the games first.


The young ones playing the sack race game.


The splash area.


The pond and bike trails.


The kids playing tug-of-war.


Playing limbo rock. That’s me doing the limbo. My back hurts after. 😀


Race with our two feet stuck together. The pair on the left won!

It was a wonderful picnic day at Harry Myers Park in Rockwall.  And a wonderful time together with friends and other moms.

Kids Love To Play Games ( Momimhar posted on October 21st, 2011 )

Children like playing games.  Who doesn’t?  Each one has a preference which game he or she wants to play that will bring more fun.  From being little to growing up where they can move more actively, kids play games with fun and excitement.  In addition to keeping their body healthy and fit in playing games, they learn social skills and boost self-esteem.

My niece and nephews love to play pretend.  I enjoy watching them as they play together with their friends.  Sometimes they have fun and play better inside the house when the sunshine is too hot to bear outside.  If my niece does not feel like joining the boys, she and her girl friends play jumping rope in the shade.  The boys will argue once in while but it’s normal.  They get along soon after.

Then a snack vendor will come by.  She sells different kinds of snacks-rice cake, deep-fried sweetened bananas, cheese bread…etc.  My niece and nephews will come to me or to my mother asking if they can have some.  Of course,  we will not buy only for the kids but for everyone in the house.

Get Active And Play Sports ( Momimhar posted on October 12th, 2011 )

To be able to stay healthy and fit, we should engage ourselves to activities that require motion and exercise.  Simple household chores and outdoor activities can help maintain good body rhythm.  Exercise can help tone muscles in the body and improve good blood circulation.

Playing sports is one of the great ways to keep good body fitness.  It is good to know that young people of today have the interest of getting into sports and participates in school activities.  Soccer and rugby have become a part of school Physical Education program.  Like any other sports, they help condition the body and mind of players.  Speed, endurance, and techniques are enhanced in these games.  Of course, schools require student players of soccer and rugby to provide themselves with proper uniforms and gears.  They can save money if they use promotional coupons when shopping in online soccer and rugby stores.  Discount vouchers are helpful too.  It is practical to use these means of discount so they will have extra money saved to be used on other expenses.

My niece and nephews back home are very active in participating in their school’s activities.  They like playing sports.  And they enjoy every moment during their Physical Education class.

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