Overeating + Lack Of Exercise = Overweight ( Momimhar posted on January 20th, 2010 )

They said that the number of overweight children in the Philippines is getting higher. I do not doubt it. You see, some children do not eat vegetables that much. They also get into the habit of eating fast food. Because they do not feel eating in their homes especially if the parents are both working and only the house-help is tending the kids. In short, parent supervision is lacking. Plus, outdoor activities are ignored because these children would rather play video games most of their time when school is out. Another reason is, weight gain is also due to overeating without exercising at all.

I am happy that my niece and nephews are fit and weighs normally according to their age range. In fact, they are active playing outdoor games with other kids in the neighborhood. They eat healthy on time. My parents will not tolerate lazy and picky eaters in the family. Staying healthy is one of our priorities. We do not want anybody in the family to get sick.

But there is a solution for overweight. Proper exercise routine and balanced diet are the key to solve this problem. Discipline on these two important elements is needed to achieve the goal of losing weight.

So limit playing video games. Get up. There is nothing wrong with going out and play.

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