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Something To Treat The Kids This Summer ( Momimhar posted on February 28th, 2010 )

My husband and I are trying to think of something to treat the kids back home when the schools are out next month.  It is summer time and I want them to cool down and enjoy their summer vacation.  My mother said they would love to go swimming.  But there is no beach resort or swimming pool close by our town.  They have to go to the city about thirty minutes far.

Ah, we’ll come up with something.  We will talk about it.

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Big Accomplishments ( Momimhar posted on February 23rd, 2010 )

February 23, 2010. Second anniversary of my arrival here in the USA. So what? Well, I have to say I had big accomplishments in the past two years:
  • Married my fiance
  • Got a Permanent Resident Card (greencard)
  • Started to work
  • Passed the Driver’s License Test (got a DL)
  • Visited some places in Texas
There are still other important things I achieved since I came here. And there will be more. Next, a baby?

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Valentine’s Day Common Artwork ( Momimhar posted on February 13th, 2010 )

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. To me, there is nothing special about it except for couples celebrating their love for each other.

But in occasion like Valentine’s Day, the students (mostly in elementary schools) will have an activity for the day of hearts. Either the children will have a small role playing in their respective classes or, they will make an artwork about love.

When my siblings and I were little kids, our teachers will have us make an artwork. The very common artwork we did was a greeting card. A Valentine’s card. To whom we gave the card to? To our parents.

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