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Sending The Package Of Gifts Soon ( Momimhar posted on January 19th, 2010 )

My husband and I are fixing a Balikbayan box package to send back home. I have gifts wrapped already for my niece and nephews. My sisters have theirs too. But I saw some pair of shoes for them at the store. And they are priced very low. I am not quite sure of my youngest sister’s feet size so I called her the other night.

While I she is in the middle of telling me the size of her feet (her celphone is on speaker) I heard my nephew’s voice in the background saying, “Mine is four!”. I was laughing because he sounded so sure about the size of his feet. Then my niece said her’s is size ten. Hahaha! They are so adorable! Now I have to look for children’s shoes at my favorite department the store. And I need to get my parent’s stuff gift wrapped too.

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