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Keep A Routine Exercise For A Healthy Cardiovascular System ( Momimhar posted on April 29th, 2013 )

Like everyone else in the family, my husband’s health is very important to be monitored and maintained, too.  This is because he is one of the most important person in the family.  He should always be around guiding and providing.  That is why he is not missing his periodical doctor’s appointments.

Being in the late 40’s, my darling husband is maintaining a prescription medicine for cholesterol.  We are happy to know that he is well taken care of very well.  One of the doctor’s advice is to keep an outdoor routine exercise for cardiovascular fitness.

When my darling husband was younger, he was a football player in school.  He trained so many times.  I can brag that besides being handsome, had a gorgeous toned body.  Training for the sport wasn’t very easy.  All players, including him, had to push a dummy way up hill.  Running was also a part of the training.  And to be able to monitor heart rates, Polar RCX 5 is a necessity that coaches them to train at the right intensity.

Keeping fit and healthy require lots of motivation.  Support of the family members is needed, too.  I want my darling husband to stay healthy and strong.  That is because my daughter and I need him to be by our side as long as we live.

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Get Active And Play Sports ( Momimhar posted on October 12th, 2011 )

To be able to stay healthy and fit, we should engage ourselves to activities that require motion and exercise.  Simple household chores and outdoor activities can help maintain good body rhythm.  Exercise can help tone muscles in the body and improve good blood circulation.

Playing sports is one of the great ways to keep good body fitness.  It is good to know that young people of today have the interest of getting into sports and participates in school activities.  Soccer and rugby have become a part of school Physical Education program.  Like any other sports, they help condition the body and mind of players.  Speed, endurance, and techniques are enhanced in these games.  Of course, schools require student players of soccer and rugby to provide themselves with proper uniforms and gears.  They can save money if they use promotional coupons when shopping in online soccer and rugby stores.  Discount vouchers are helpful too.  It is practical to use these means of discount so they will have extra money saved to be used on other expenses.

My niece and nephews back home are very active in participating in their school’s activities.  They like playing sports.  And they enjoy every moment during their Physical Education class.

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Overeating + Lack Of Exercise = Overweight ( Momimhar posted on January 20th, 2010 )

They said that the number of overweight children in the Philippines is getting higher. I do not doubt it. You see, some children do not eat vegetables that much. They also get into the habit of eating fast food. Because they do not feel eating in their homes especially if the parents are both working and only the house-help is tending the kids. In short, parent supervision is lacking. Plus, outdoor activities are ignored because these children would rather play video games most of their time when school is out. Another reason is, weight gain is also due to overeating without exercising at all.

I am happy that my niece and nephews are fit and weighs normally according to their age range. In fact, they are active playing outdoor games with other kids in the neighborhood. They eat healthy on time. My parents will not tolerate lazy and picky eaters in the family. Staying healthy is one of our priorities. We do not want anybody in the family to get sick.

But there is a solution for overweight. Proper exercise routine and balanced diet are the key to solve this problem. Discipline on these two important elements is needed to achieve the goal of losing weight.

So limit playing video games. Get up. There is nothing wrong with going out and play.

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