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Can’t Help But Worry ( Momimhar posted on May 18th, 2012 )

Whenever a member of my family is not feeling well, I cannot help but worry.  Who wouldn’t?  No one wants a family to be sick.  Though my grandpa is in his old age and has an illness, we do the best we can to provide for his medication.  We want him to fully out of sickness.

Minor sickness like cough, colds, and fever worries me to the max.  When my youngest sister told me that our nephew was running a fever, I called home immediately.  I asked so many questions.  What happened was, my other sister took her kids (my niece and  nephew) to swimming.  My nephew ate all kinds of food.  He was jumping, running,and swimming with other kids.  In short, he was having fun.  They went home tired.  In addition, the weather the next day was not very nice.  It’s hot and the next thing they knew it will rain suddenly.  At that time my nephew played outside in that weather.  So, he began feeling awful and ran a fever.

My sister gave him over-the-counter fever reducer medicine for two days.  My nephew stopped throwing up also.  We all felt relief when the fever was gone and he started to feel great again.  Oh, I love my niece and nephews.  They are the bright bundles of the family.

Nature always affect the health and fitness of a person.  So if you learned that the weather is not gonna be great for an outdoor activity, just stay at home and wait for another day.

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