I Promised To Bake Cupcakes ( Momimhar posted on May 1st, 2012 )

I began reading to my baby when I was pregnant with her.  Up to now, we enjoyed reading books together especially when it is time for bed.  Reading books before bedtime helps her go to sleep and also gives my baby time to bond with me or with her daddy.  She has few bedtime books.  So far, her favorite books are Dora Says Goodnight  and The Wheels On The Bus.  Sometimes she points to her Counting Purse book.  And on the number 8 page, she sees the eight cupcakes and tries to bite them. The other night she focused on the eight cupcakes in the book.  I told her I will bake her cupcakes in the morning.

Brownies made cupcakes

And here’s the cupcakes.  Well, I did not have a cupcake mix.  So I baked the brownies mix and poured the mixture in the cupcake cups. When I gave them to my baby, she just ate like half of the cupcake and focused on picking the toppings.  Baby was very excited and happy to see real cupcakes.

So whenever we read her Countin Purse book and we come to the 8 cupcakes, I tell her that we ate cupcakes, they’re yummy, and we’ll bake some again soon.

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