Shopping For Baby’s Bedroom Furniture ( Momimhar posted on March 4th, 2012 )

We went shopping for baby’s bedroom furniture today.  This is the stage when we have to start letting her sleep in a toddler bed.  The baby bed our daughter has right now is not convertible to a toddler bed.  Plus, we want her to have her own bedroom furniture.

So we all went to BabiesRUS.  There are few clearance items on baby bedroom furniture sets.  My husband looked at two baby beds that can be converted to toddler beds.  But he did not like the idea of getting the whole crib then to convert later.  I wonder if we can buy the toddler be setting only?

Then we drove to Plano and looked at Kids Rooms To Go.  We saw kids bedroom furniture displays and decor too.  While we were looking around, our little princess was having fun playing on the colorful feathery rugs  as she enjoys touching and feeling them.  There are cute displays and kids furniture design but we have to see what will suit our baby’s bedroom.

Another thing to consider in before buying kids bedroom furniture is the paint color and size of the room.  So we will schedule another weekend shopping again.  Next time, we will go to Dallas.

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