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New parents are getting help from a new source these days: smartphones. In addition to having the ability to Google any baby-related question, parents now have a legion of apps at their disposal to help them deal with baby issues. These apps won’t change a dirty diaper, but parents will probably find good uses for each of them.

Baby Sign ASL – $4.99

Babies who learn to sign at an early age generally have a larger vocabulary than children who never learn to sign. I’m not talking about a 5 or 10 word difference. On average, signing babies know 50 more words than their non-signing peers by the age of 2. Baby Sign ASL helps parents instill a love of language in their child with over 200 signs. This is the best app to help parents figure out what exactly is going on in their baby’s developing mind.

Learn to Talk – $1.99

This is the perfect app for parents who love hearing their child say “Mommy” or “Daddy” but wish for a little bit more substantive material to come out of their toddler’s mouth. This app teaches children using sights and sounds on more than 160 interactive flash cards to teach kids the basic pronunciation and definition of words. This game can be highly addictive for eager little learners.

Bubbles – $0.99

$1 might seem like a steep price for an app that pretty much only lets your baby pop bubbles on a screen but if you’ve ever been on a long car or plane ride with a restless toddler, you’ll understand the value of an app that babies and toddlers find this engaging. By simply poking the bubbles and snowmen on the screen, your toddler is able to pop them. Next time your baby is crying up a storm, just fire up the bubbles and you’ll finally be able to get some peace and quiet.

Lisa is a guest blogger and party planner who is an expert on planning birthdays using Super Mario party supplies and other fun birthday tools.

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