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Baby Bedroom Light ( Momimhar posted on March 18th, 2012 )

I am very glad that my little princess is not having difficulty in sleeping in her new toddler bed.  Though it is unavoidable the she falls, I anticipated that and I put throw pillows by the area where she climbs up and down.

While I was fixing the clutters and rearranging the books on the dresser, I noticed that lamp shade is not looking good.  What gets into my mind now is to  replace the lamp shade in my daughter’s bedroom.  I am not really particular if it’s kids lamps or not.  I can always personalize it to match her bedroom color and theme.  There is a lighting sale going on and I hope this lamp shade will be in my grabs soon.  It is a hubbardton forge lighting, nice and pretty.  I like it’s 3-way shade options.  The one that’s in my daughter’s room has only one shade.  I don’t like it.  The shade is too bright and I want something that is adjustable.

It is time to continue decorating the bedroom.  My baby girl likes books so I need to rearrange the books, put them close to the lamp shade.  That way I can easily grab one and read it to my little one.

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