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In Case Of Lockout ( Momimhar posted on March 13th, 2012 )

My parents lives in an apartment now.  Since the unrighteous demolition a year ago, they haven’t fully recovered from the horrible nightmare yet.

The apartment complex  where they reside right now is clean, quiet, and peaceful.  Like a usual apartment, it is secured.  It is always advisable to bring a duplicate key.  Just in case of lockout or, if my sister comes home late from hospital duty, she already has a duplicate door key.  A skillful Locksmith in Miami can duplicate keys securely without hassle.

My family is happy living in an apartment so far.  It is closer to the market place and school district.  My niece and nephews come over to spend the weekend with my parents.  I’ve only seen the apartment in the pictures.  It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. And my parents had duplicate keys made from a locksmith in Maimi.

Hopefully, some time soon, we will be able to find a house and lot and buy it to call their own.

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