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Aw, Baby Is Not Feeling Well Today ( Momimhar posted on March 21st, 2012 )

Oh no!  Baby is running a fever.  I feel her temperature was elevated when I picked her up this morning.  While feeding, I took her temperature and it was 101F.  My oh my!  This is caused by the colds.

I remember we have an infant fever reducer.  I gave her that immediately so the fever will settle down.  Aw, poor baby.  My husband told me to the pharmacy and ask if they have something to relieve infant colds and congestion.  The pharmacist said they don’t and they are not allowed to give over-the-counter cold medicine to kids under four years of age.  That’s frustrating but I understand.  So I called the doctor’s office and the staff had us scheduled to see the doctor.

Since my little one was newborn, she hasn’t been sick until now.  This is what worries me because beginning toddler age, kids starts to socialize with other kids.  And this is more likely when kids get germs because they are exposed to the things outside the home.  Pretty much there is nothing I can do about this but to always carry a hand sanitizer and baby wipes.  Washing and cleaning her hands is very important too.

I hope my baby will feel better today.


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