Why Naps Are Very Important ( Momimhar posted on March 14th, 2013 )

I am so happy that I want to cry!  I finally got my darling daughter to nap today since weeks that she resisted taking a nap during the day.  When daddy is off on weekends, he tells her to go in the bedroom to take a nap.  She will go there (well, kinda resisting) and lay on her bed.  Daddy will check on her constantly until she’s got quiet and sleeping.  When it’s my turn to do it, my darling daughter wouldn’t go sleep.  She wants me to snuggle with her.  So I just kept it that way.  Haahh…life of a mom.

We know that naps are very essential to every individual especially to growing children.  A good nap helps regain the energy we used during the day.  It also helps the body rest and build up new cells for growth.   And when kids had their naps, they are in a good mood for the rest of the day.  That is why naps are very important.

Children are great individuals but each one is different.  Their development levels differ from one another.  Some kids are nappers some are not.  But as parents, we should not give up on trying on a good way that will work on putting our kids to nap.  To me, giving a medicine just because my child is very active is not ideal.

Okay, so that was it.  I am just very glad that my little princess had a nap today.  And I will work hard to let her know the concept of taking naps.

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  1. Ahahaha, don’t cry at baka magising tuloy hehehe. I know what you mean.

  2. Kim Nagel says:

    I used to always nap when my babies did. It made me a better mommy.

  3. My 13 month old naps, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. I always wants him to take a nap. Nap is good for all kids and even to grown ups! Glad you’re daughter finally took a nap.. 🙂

    • Momimhar says:

      Oh good because he takes nap twice a day. Ganun din little girl ko when she was at that age.
      ngayon, refusing to nap dahil she doesn’t want to miss a thing. Hayyy…

  4. nova says:

    naps i do find it very important not only for kids but for most human beings. i’ve learned too that it helps rest our brain from all the works it exerts while we are awake. and plus it helps our kids calm and ungrumpy when they had one…

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