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Big Bunny, Small Bunny ( Momimhar posted on March 20th, 2013 )

Because I want to get out of the house for a while to unwind and see the outdoors, me and my darling daughter went to the mall.  I let her play in the play area as part of her weekly routine.  Like other indoor mall, this one has a play area where kids with height 4 feet and 2 inches (4’2″) can play inside.  There’s tree tunnel and slide, volcano tunnel and slide, bear tunnel, car, boat, frog and fish, where they can crawl under and climb upon.  Kids are just having lots of fun.

As a toddler, my little one plays with a new friend not for a long time.  She runs here and there, climbs up and down.  Then she finds the new friend and plays with him or her again.  That’s normal at this age.  Surely she is very sociable.

After an hour of play time, we went up to the food court for a mid-day snack.  Then we came back down to say ‘hi’ to the bunny we saw earlier at the photo booth.  She’s carrying her lovey bunny with her and she said, “I want to show the bunny my bunny.”  When we got there, my little girl started talking to the bunny sitting at the booth.  We wind up getting her pictures taken that day.


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