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Making Friends Online ( Momimhar posted on March 25th, 2013 )

Making friends is fun especially if you find true ones.  You treat them like a family that you share your joys and heartaches with them.

I have lots of new friends.  Some of them I met from a parties and celebrations.  Others I met from the Internet.  I joined so many social networking mainly because I was trying to find love online.  With God’s guidance and blessings, I found my true love online.  Although we had a long distance relationship, it turned out well that we got engaged and got married.

I am sharing this because there are people out there who want to meet new friends from all over the world.  And, who knows, they can find true love too.  With the sincerity of everyone, Gods Faithbook online social network Christian members share and learn in weekly Bible Study Groups that leads to getting the friendship religiously important.   Joining is free.  There are activities for members to mingle that involves games and Bible Study.

And because social networking on the Internet is broad, we  cannot always commit our trust.  Always trust your instinct and pray for guidance.  That’s what I did when I joined social networks looking for someone to love.

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