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Always Ask For The Doctor’s Advice ( Momimhar posted on March 21st, 2013 )

I am very glad and thankful that my little princess is feeling well now.  Her coughing have eased and runny nose anymore.  Though she sneezes once in a while but no more wetness from the nose.  The Little Noses nasal spray, humidifier, lots of liquid intake, fruits, soup, and honey help with getting rid of the sniffles and coughing.

My husband and I were very worried about our little girl’s coughing because it’s going on almost two weeks.  I talked to the nurse in the pediatrician’s office about the situation.  Her advice was to get a humidifier to moisten the air inside the house especially in the evening.  Then she asked me to stop giving the cough syrup I bought.  Instead, she a recommended the pure honey to be taken at bed time.  If the coughing still goes on in a few days and if she’s wheezing, then we’ll go see the doctor.  I found that cough syrup worked fine when my daughter the last time she had a cough.  But I followed the nurse’s recommendation.  And now, my darling daughter is feeling well.

We cannot help but worry whenever our kids are sick or if someone in the family is not feeling well.  We do our best to make them feel better.  And as parents, we feel stressed when our kids are sick.  The best thing we can do is stay calm, stick to simple home remedies, and talk to their doctor for advice.

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