Tantrums ( Momimhar posted on November 21st, 2012 )

My darling daughter gets upset when she cannot get what she wants.  I guess terrible twos is in the corner.  She cries loudly and screams.  My husband and I are trying to do our best to eliminate her tantrums by giving something that will entertain her.  But it is getting difficult everyday as she is getting very aware of what’s around her.  She is very persistent.

We are traveling international in three weeks and I am worried about my little girl’s having tantrums on the plane.  We bought lots of stickers for her to play with.  Lack of sleep is probably expected.  We hope and pray that my daughter won’t get sick because the weather back home is unpredictable – very humid and warm too.  We are excited to be home again especially during the Holidays.

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