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Savoring the Happiness in Simple Things ( Momimhar posted on September 29th, 2019 )

Bird feeder repair.

It was a very pleasant morning today. The temperature this morning was in the 70s so I decided to spent some time enjoying it on the front porch. My dear husband came out of the house from the garage and checked the yard. He said the grass needs mowing. He didn’t want to wait for the coming weekend to mow because those grass stalks will two feet tall by then.

“Good idea,” I told him. “Also, the feeder needs a platform so the birds can at least perch on to peck on the seeds. I saw a small bird earlier having a hard time bending its head to get some seeds in there,” I added.

“It’s a cheap bird feeder from Home Depot and the maker I guess didn’t think about it,” he said.

So he got a piece of wood and trimmed it to a size where the bird feeder could be glued with more space for the birds to perch. Hearing the noise in the garage, my curious darling daughter came out. When she learned about the plan, she volunteered to help. She helped gluing the bird feeder onto the square wood. After an hour, they refilled the feeder and hung back to the tree. Teamwork makes it work. ūüôā

I was just watching my loves while they work–savoring the happiness in simple things.

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Throwback: Summer 2015 At Sea World San Antonio #SeaWorld ( Momimhar posted on January 25th, 2016 )

We did so much fun stuff last year. ¬†We went on a vacation in the summer and attended kids’ activity parties during the Holidays. It was indeed another wonderful year and my family and I were very grateful for everything.

We went back to San Antonio last summer with our darling daughter. ¬†It was 6 years since we were there. ¬†We stayed in La Quinta Inns & Suites-Riverwalk. ¬†I don’t know but my daughter likes La Quinta. ¬†Though it was a very busy vacation, we had so much fun because we went to Sea World San Antonio. ¬†It was my darling daughter’s first experience at Sea World. ¬†She got to see the Shamu Show, Clyde and Seymour High Show, and got on some rides including the thrilling Journey to Atlantis. ¬†That was her favorite ride she said. ¬†Gladly it was mostly cloudy the day we went to Sea World. ¬†The weather was just perfect for lots of walking in the park. ¬†Still, we brought our sunscreen, towels, and three bottled water for us to drink.

The day before Sea World fun, we strolled by the Riverwalk and had dinner at Guadalajara Grill.  My favorite meal there was the Molcajete.  Then after a fun day at Sea World, we just enjoyed sightseeing by the Riverwalk around lunch time.  We got on a boat that tours around.  Interesting history and facts while boating.  Then we explored the Market Square in the afternoon.  My darling daughter got the chance to ride the mechanical bull.  She had so much fun.  We saw a lot of colorful clothing, souvenir items, home decor, and entertainment (singing) in the square.  At check out day, we went up to the Tower of the Americas located at the HemisFair Park.  It was very interesting and amazing experience to go up to the tower and read some stuff about Texas history.  DD and dear husband looked through telescope a few times and walked around while I was reading stuff.

Three days and two nights in San Antonio, Texas were worth it. ¬†Leaving San Antonio, we were headed to New Braunfels for some swim and splash at #Schlitterbahn. ¬†It’ll be in my next post. ¬†ūüôā

Celebrating The Graduates ( Momimhar posted on March 29th, 2015 )



My family back home in the Philippines is celebrating our graduates and achievers today. ¬†Friday was the graduation day. ¬†My niece finished high school and will be entering college this coming June. ¬†My nephew graduated in elementary. ¬†Both of them were awarded Most Behave in their respective classes. ¬†My other nephew was the Best Achiever in his 1st grade class, too. ¬†This celebration also includes my baby sister’s graduation in college and being a licensed nurse. ¬†I mentioned before that she passed the National Licensure Examination for Nursing early this year.

So everybody’s at a resort right now. ¬†The kids had been looking forward to this day to come – to be able to go to the pool and swim. ¬†I am very thankful that we were able to grant their requests. ¬†And I am very happy to know how happy they are right now. ¬†I know the feeling of great happiness when something that you had been wishing for for quite sometime is granted.

It is summer vacation now in the Philippines.  I wish the kids a wonderful summer vacation.  I want them to enjoy their time with the family and enjoy their childhood like I did when I was their age.

Congratulations to all the graduates, honors, and achievers.

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