Our Plan During The Holy Week ( Momimhar posted on March 18th, 2013 )

Clocks were an hour forward and Spring will officially start in 2 days.  DST or Daylight Savings Time is on again.  I am sure some of us are still adjusting to the time especially when putting our kids and toddlers to bed.  We can’t get used to it until a few days passed.

Holy Week is next week.   Then Easter Sunday comes.  My family and I are going to church for the Easter Sunday Mass.  Then we’ll go to an Easter Egg Hunt at a friends house where she also hosts her young boy’s birthday party.  We won’t be seeing the grandparents on Easter Sunday because of the early commitment.  Almost the same reason in the next three weekends.   So, my husband and I decided that we (darling daughter and I) go to Tyler next Thursday during the Holy Week.  My mother-in-law said she doesn’t have something going on that day so it’s fine to come over.  For the very first time, my little girl and I will be traveling without daddy.  It will be quite difficult because I don’t have two extra hands to help me with stuff.  But I am confident that we’ll be fine.

For the Easter Egg Hunt, I already bought an Easter dress for my little one.  There are so many pretty, cute Easter and Spring dresses, and toddler outfits in stores and online.  I cannot help myself checking on them.  Little girls’ clothes are just adorable!

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